Why Naruto has the last name Uzumaki


Many questions have been raised about why Naruto is named after his mother’s surname Uzumaki and not Namikaze.

With the Uzumaki clan completely wiped out, and the family in such danger, many felt that his surname was Namikaze, and not the other way around.

However, there is actually a logically sound reason why the Third Hokage chose to use the endangered clan’s last name for Naruto.

Naruto’s father – Namikaze Minato made countless enemies

Naruto’s father – Namikaze Minato made countless enemies

During the Third Shinobi War, before Naruto was born, Namikaze Minato – his father – known as the Golden Lightning, a powerful ninja who single-handedly killed 1,000 shinobi instantly, thereby winning the war and forcing other nations to accept a peace treaty.

During that time, Minato made a number of enemies willing to take any risk for a chance to avenge him and his family.

During the Nine-Tails attack shortly after Naruto was born, Minato – the Fourth Hokage and Uzumaki Kushina sacrificed their lives to save Konoha and their child – Naruto.

Half of the Tailed Beast’s chakra was sealed inside the newborn him, after which both father and mother died. The care of him was left to the Third Hokage, who gave him the last name Uzumaki.

Uzumaki is a safer surname than Namikaze

Uzumaki is a safer surname than Namikaze

After the Uzumaki clan massacre, a handful of survivors were hunted down and captured by those who wanted their powers for themselves, like Orochimaru.

However, that hunt dwindles over time until it comes to an end. Considering Minato’s number of enemies and how ninjas from other villages were intent on killing any of his relatives, it would logically be much safer to name Naruto Uzumaki rather than Namikaze.

Neither Uzumaki nor Namikaze is an ideal family choice, considering the dangers that come with it. Also, Naruto was never adopted, as everyone hated him for having the Tailed Beast in him that killed their beloved Fourth Hokage.

The Third Hokage clearly didn’t take good care of him. As there is no record of hunting an Uzumaki, other than the massacre, the name is safer to take and the Third Hokage never revealed Naruto’s relationship with Minato, although he later found out. his parents.

This is the only way to protect him from his father’s enemies.

Finally, when he learned the truth about his parents, he confidently told everyone, despite the risks, because he was strong enough to confront anyone who dared to confront him for revenge.

At this point, he was free from the dangers associated with them thanks to his strength and was able to talk about his parents to anyone.

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