Top 5 strongest Kage in Naruto from 5 Ninja villages

Top 5 strongest Kage in Naruto from 5 Ninja villages

Top 5 strongest Kage in Naruto from 5 Ninja villages: In Naruto, Kage is the supreme ninja at the head of the villages, whose role is to be the commander of the ninja in his village to manage and take on the task of protecting the village.

So who is the strongest Kage of each village?

To help fans have a more comprehensive, comprehensive and clear view of the strongest “Five Kage” in the history of each of Konoha, Clouds, Stone, Mist, Sand up to the present time, please join us. Review the strength of each of those Kage in this article!

5. ‘A’ – Third Raikage

Top 5 strongest Kage in Naruto from 5 Ninja villages
Third Raikage is the strongest kage

Third Raikage is the strongest kage in the history of Cloud Village. He is considered to have a powerful source of chakra as a tailed beast and excellent fighting style. He possesses lightning speed and lightning-type chakra, and his strongest technique is Hell Stab.

He then concentrates chakra in his fingers to damage his opponent. Third Raikage can even transform his lightning-type chakra into an armor that wraps around his body and boosts his speed to fend off enemies.

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4. ‘Gaara’ – Fifth Kazekage

Top 5 strongest Kage in Naruto from 5 Ninja villages
‘Gaara’ (Gaara of the Desert) – Fifth Kazekage

First appearing in the series, Gaara is a “cold-blooded” genin from Sand Village who participates in a chunnin exam held in Konoha. At that time, Gaara only wanted to kill people due to being shunned and living in solitude for too long. At that time, with the power as the Jinchuuriki of the tailed beast Shukaku along with the ability to manipulate sand at will as well as having an absolute defense of sand, Gaara was a formidable opponent to anyone.

Currently, Gaara is the Kazekage of Sand Village and Naruto’s best friend, he possesses 3 natural chakra systems, Earth, Thunder and Wind, and the limited bloodline Magnet Release inherited from his father.

3. ‘Mu’ – Second Tsuchikage

Top 5 strongest Kage in Naruto from 5 Ninja villages
‘Mu’ – Second Tsuchikage

Mu is the second Tsuchikage of stone village, he is also an extremely powerful shinobi, he was even able to kill the second Mizukage. In particular, he is one of the few shinobi in history who can use all 5 natural chakra elemental systems.

Mu possesses the Selective Bloodline that allows him to use the three elements of Earth, Wind, and Fire to create Tran Thuat. Using Earth Release, he is able to reduce the weight of his body as well as other objects so light that they can fly, whether it’s a human, a mountain, or even a perfect Susano.

2. ‘Gengetsu Hōzuki’ – Second Mizukage

Top 5 strongest Kage in Naruto from 5 Ninja villages
Gengetsu Hōzuki’ – Second Mizukage

Second Mizukage Gengetsu Hozuki is a very powerful ninja who specializes in genjutsu. He is related to the Mangetsu and Suigetsu brothers. Therefore, he also has the ability to liquefy his body. He can also use his index finger to fire water bullets powerful enough to easily pierce a sand clone.

In the anime, Gengetsu can also create water bubbles that can knock down enemies with great speed and force. In addition, Gengetsu can summon a giant scallop, and it helps him enhance his genjutsu. When he was revived by Kabuto during the 4th great shinobi war, he showed a way for the Shinobi Alliance to defeat him because he did not want to kill people.

1. ‘Naruto Uzumaki’ – The 7th Hokage

Top 5 strongest Kage in Naruto from 5 Ninja villages
‘Naruto Uzumaki’ – The 7th Hokage

Naruto is the only son of the Fourth Hokage and a student of the Sixth Hokage. In addition, Jiraiya – one of the 3 legendary Tamnin – the third’s student was Naruto’s teacher, he taught him the strongest move Rasengan. Later, he developed the power of the Rasengan to its fullest when combined with Wind Release and Immortalbending. The techniques that are often used by Naruto are Rasengan, Rasen-Shuriken, Sage Technique, Clone Technique and Spirit Magic, etc. His strongest ability is to be able to control the power of the Nine-Tails and transform the Tails. Figure.

In the past, due to being sealed by the Nine-Tails into the body since birth, Naruto was always rejected and shunned by everyone. The poor boy grew up in loneliness but still retains his honest nature, always strives to rise up to assert himself and eventually becomes a hero admired by the whole Shinobi world.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Naruto Uzumaki is in the top of the strongest Kage in Naruto.