TOP 10 things Naruto learned from Jiraiya


Jiraiya, one of the Legendary Sannin, is Naruto Uzumaki’s most important teacher and mentor throughout the Naruto series.

Not only did he teach him many of the ninjutsu that would eventually become his signature move, but he also taught him how to hope in the ninja world.

Without him, Naruto would not have had the same ninja philosophy, and he would never have known the father figure.

So while there are many situations where Jiraiya is not the best role model, he is still one of the most influential people in Naruto’s life.

Jiraiya helped Naruto use other ninjutsu more effectively

Just because Naruto has faced powerful enemies and proven himself enough to win over his allies like Hyuga Neji doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to do in terms of his basic skills, though. Naruto didn’t like working on that topic.

While on a three-year training assignment midway through the series, Naruto worked more on his chakra control, conservation, and accuracy.

Although fans are not seeing this change and the results of this training, it could be explained that Naruto is able to use and maintain more clones and other little things.

Jiraiya taught the giant Naruto Rasengan

During the years-long journey that took place between Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden, he helped Naruto hone his abilities, including his signature jutsu, the Rasengan. Although it wasn’t a huge change, it did help to upgrade his abilities to suit his growth.

Together they created the giant Rasengan, which is, exactly as the name suggests, a larger Rasengan. That may overwhelm fans who want to see a new jutsu, but it makes sense that Naruto wants to continue using his father’s jutsu.

Jiraiya shows Naruto how to break genjutsu

He knew that Naruto would be pursued by Akatsuki, as he was a Jinchuriki, and that one of the Akatsuki members happened to be an extremely powerful genjutsu ninja – Uchiha Itachi.

Itachi even attacked Naruto during a mission with him. So he knew that he had to teach Naruto how to defend himself from the illusions.

He taught Naruto how to break genjutsu. Although it was difficult to do so when fighting Itachi, as his genjutsu was at an extremely high level it helped Naruto in his fight with the enemy.

Jiraiya taught Naruto how to care and accept everything

Jiraiya taught Naruto how to care and accept everything

Naruto was despised by the whole village. The only teacher who really cared about Naruto as a child was Iruka, and the Nine-Tails in Naruto killed the Iruka family. Even when he joined Team 7 with Kakashi, he was always second to Sasuke.

Having a teacher who cares about him and takes care of him was something Naruto could only dream of. Although he was difficult to understand on the subject, he treated Naruto with more care than anything had ever been shown to him.

Jiraiya taught Naruto to hide his money

Jiraiya taught Naruto to hide his money

His teachings are not all good, as he is prone to licentiousness and many vices. One of those vices made him over and over again cheat Naruto’s money. So Naruto had to learn to hold onto his wallet.

Haruno Sakura also fell into this trap, when he asked her for money for a quest to find Orochimaru’s hideout. He taught these children a lesson that was hard to learn from other ninjas, especially with money.

Jiraiya helped Naruto complete his learning to walk on water

While Kakashi taught Naruto how to keep the original chakra in his legs to climb trees, and Ebisu did most of the basic work teaching Naruto how to walk on water, it wasn’t until he corrected the seal on Naruto’s stomach and showed it to him. you some tips. Naruto was finally able to successfully walk underwater.

Naruto has always struggled with the foundations of ninjutsu, partly because he always wanted to let go of explosive ninjutsu, and partly because he didn’t have the patience to lay the foundation.

However, there was no way Naruto could become a full-fledged ninja without such an ability.

Jiraiya helped Naruto control the Tailed Beast Charma

Although it was not his most successful attempt, he managed to teach Naruto how to control and use with the Nine-Tails’ chakra.

Naruto was able to harness Kurama’s power, and he was certainly able to minimize the use of his own power compared to using Kurama. However, he still has the ability to go out of control and use the tailed beast chakra form.

As Shipp┼źden continued, Naruto built a relationship with Kurama, and the Nine-Tails was able to work with Naruto, using the Charka powers to Naruto’s advantage.

Jiraiya also taught Naruto summoning

Jiraiya also taught Naruto summoning

Another powerful jutsu that he passed on to Naruto is Summoning, a jutsu that allows Naruto to confront Gaara in his Shukaku form and which he could never have won without. With the help of Gamabunta, Naruto was able to fight a Tailed Beast.

He became known as the Toad Sage because of his relationship with toads, and Naruto eventually became the Yes Sage. His sage mode ability will become very important as Naruto continues.

Jiraiya taught Naruto the Rasengan

Naruto was angry when Kakashi taught Chidori Sasuke and Naruto was left behind. However, he was able to teach him an equivalent jutsu created not only by Naruto’s father, the Fourth Hokage, but with more instruction in his wind chakra.

This ninjutsu is the Rasengan, a swirling chakra ball that produces a powerful punch. Naruto struggled to learn this jutsu, but in the end, he learned how to do it with the help of his shadow clones, which shaped chakra.

Jiraiya teaches Naruto the truth about the Shinobi world

The shinobi world has been locked in a whirlpool of death and hatred, and there seems to be no end to the violence. However, he dreamed of a better way, and he wrote about it in the very book that inspired Naruto’s name.

The dream of a peaceful world can only be achieved by changing the way villages see shinobi and the nature of the world.

Naruto had seen this dream throughout. He used it to help Pain/Nagato see the mistake in his way. He also used it to model a new life for the world when he stopped Kaguya and became the Seventh Hokage.

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