TOP 10 Naruto Characters Who Deserve A Better Story

Naruto heroes

While it’s a beloved Naruto with countless fans to this day, it’s safe to say that there are plenty of Naruto characters that deserve a better storyline.

Naruto is one of the most famous and loved anime series of all time. Hailed as one of the Big Three of anime, its fame spreads worldwide.

Despite its well-deserved popularity, this series still contains many flaws, especially when it comes to its characters. Many members of the supporting cast are left out, and a lot of them never become as developed as they could be.

Even some of the main characters find themselves pushed aside so Naruto can take center stage. While it’s a beloved series with countless fans to this day, it’s safe to say that there are plenty of Naruto characters that deserve a better storyline.

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Hyuga Neji

Naruto heroes
Hyuga Neji

Hyuga Neji was a fan-favorite character in Konoha, and his death was truly tragic. However, many fans feel like it’s only there for the shocking value and that he would serve a better purpose if he survived.

Neji’s sudden death was nothing more than an unforgettable moment of heartbreak.

Although it has become an iconic scene in the series, Neji’s death need not have happened. His story isn’t over yet, and for many people, killing Neji seems like an easy way to get him out of the story.

Haruno Sakura

Many fans consider Haruno Sakura to be one of the ugliest, most useless characters in Naruto. She is the weakest member of Team 7, and despite trying to grow and change many times throughout the series, she always seems to fall back to her old habits. But even her biggest haters have to admit that she has incredible potential.

If Sakura were given the chance to really show what she can do, she would easily become one of the greatest Naruto characters

Unfortunately, instead of allowing her to find her true inner strength, the series often puts her in dire straits, quickly dashing all hopes of her growth.

Ten Ten

Fans know well that the supporting cast is often pushed aside to let the main characters take center stage, and no one stands on the sidelines as much as Tenten.

She appears at least in the entirety of Naruto, with supporting characters like Tonton (Tsunade’s pet) appearing more frequently.

When she does appear, it’s usually just a lighthearted moment in the comics or a humiliating defeat against a stronger opponent.

Tenten may not be a genius like many of her ninja friends, but she still has a lot to offer and deserves a chance to show it off.

Uchiha Sasuke

ninjas in naruto
Uchiha Sasuke

It’s no secret that Uchiha Sasuke longs for revenge on his brother Itachi. He mentioned this very early on and everything he does in the future is to prepare for this.

While it’s not a shock that he makes so many mistakes in this goal, a lot of his storylines are pretty ridiculous, especially after he discovers the truth about his clan’s demise.

One of the biggest things that fans have come to feel frustrated about in the series is how much Sasuke’s stupid decisions and plot for revenge have been drawn out.

While there are a lot of good reasons for what happened, it would have been nice if Sasuke had come to his senses sooner, and in the end it would have made a lot more sense.

Mitarashi Anko

When Mitarashi Anko was first introduced, she was a much needed strong woman to add to the cast. She is fierce, brave, and has a commanding ability that really sets her apart.

After fans learned that she possessed a cursed seal, it seemed like she could actually play a big role in the story. However, the opposite seems to be happening, and she has become much weaker than she originally appeared.

Despite Anko’s close relationship with Orochimaru, she never played a major role in Orochimaru’s plot, and gradually, she disappeared into the background, never to be seen again. Considering the possibility of being the heroine of her story, it was a huge disappointment.

Yuhi Kurenai

While most of the sensei in Naruto become important parts of the series, Yuhi Kurenai is often left behind and forgotten.

From the start, she barely had any screen time and meant nothing until her relationship with Asuma was revealed. Unfortunately, their relationship is perhaps the most defining part of her personality, as she never really grows as an individual.

After Kurenai became pregnant with Asuma’s child, she disappeared from the story for a very long time. While their tragic love is a beautiful and touching story, seeing Kurenai as a Shinobi would be nice.

Umino Iruka

supporting characters in Naruto
Umino Iruka

Umino Iruka was one of the first Naruto characters fans met at the beginning of anime, and he has remained an important part of Naruto’s life ever since.

While he is clearly such an important character, for both the story and Naruto himself, he is constantly falling behind throughout the storyline.

Iruka is a school teacher and is much weaker than other sensei like Kakashi or Guy, so he cannot participate in many battles.

However, he still has a lot to offer the series, as he was an irreplaceable part of Naruto’s upbringing. Even if he isn’t useful for quests, it would be nice to see more of his character, backstory, and close relationship with Naruto.

Hyuga Hinata

Hinata Hyuga
Hyuga Hinata

As a fan of the Naruto finale, many would assume that Hyuga Hinaya would be one of the best-developed supporting Naruto characters in the cast.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. She has always been considered extremely weak for a member of the Hyuga clan, and she always seems to remain that way.

Despite the potential to be a Shinobi and a powerful character, Hinata barely grows or changes throughout the series.

Towards the end, she begins to show signs of development but after that she is barely able to show viewers what she is capable of. Out of all the supporting Naruto characters, Hinata is the one who really deserves a better and more developed plot.


When Tsunade first appeared, it felt so refreshing to have such a strong actress. Not only is she one of the three Legendary Sannin, but she also takes on the role of the Fifth Hokage, showing her true strength.

Despite this, the series often portrays her as the weakest of the three, placing her in situations where she needs rescue or help from Naruto or other male characters.

Tsunade is said to be one of the most powerful women in the shinobi world, but she still seems to be behind some male ninja.

Her role in the series should be treated with much more respect than this, considering her strength and numerous accomplishments.


After Sasuke betrayed Konoha and Naruto returned after three years of training, Team 7 had a new teammate. Obviously just looking at him is Sai and Sasuke’s replacement, and the series often compares the two in Naruto Shippuden. Although he has a unique personality and a story of his own, it really never seems to go anywhere.

Like many supporting Naruto characters, Sai is often pushed aside to make room for Sasuke and two other Team 7 members.

It’s disappointing that he never really developed beyond this role, and right away. even in Boruto, he doesn’t keep as much relevance as the original three.