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“My Neighbor Totoro” aired in 1988, is one of the classic anime series by director Miyazaki Hayao, and is still a record for Ghibli sales with more than one million DVD copies sold. out. Up to now, “Totoro” has always been the most beloved work of Japanese anime with a huge fanbase,

The totoro teddy bear is based on the mascot from the movie “My Neighbor Totoro”. This god was very familiar with the 9X and 8X generations. However, not everyone knows well about the origin as well as the truth surrounding this Anime. And here are some of the conspiracy theories that fans have for the totoro movie.

Maybe the sisters may and satsuki are dead.

At the end of the story, when the villagers find their sandal in the pond. At that time the suspicion was dead, but Satsuki didn’t consider it to be true. Since then, the audience has not seen the silhouette of the two sisters.


totoro plush
totoro plush

After May went missing and Satsuki went to Totoro and begged Totoro to take him to his sister. Totoro agreed and took Satsuki to find her sister on the cat bus that took him to her sister. When the two girls were on the cat bus, Satsuki said, “No one can see us.” Satsuki chose the cat bus, which means agreeing to go to the dead to meet her sister.

totoro plush 2

In the hospital

In the hospital, the mother said “I think May and Satsuki are smiling in that tree…”. So the question is why the two sisters do not visit their mother. Why did they only put corn in the window, and why didn’t the mother of the two girls see it when placing the popcorn? It is hypothesized that the two girls went to heaven and went down to visit their mother. Most of the happy scenes in the movie take place before the event of meeting totoro.

Relating to real life

The setting of the film is taken in the countryside. In this region at that time, there had just been a case where the victims were two girls of the same age as the two characters in the story. In real life, the story happens similarly, the younger sister goes missing and the older sister goes to find her brother. The next day, her sister’s body was found in the woods. The sister was shocked and for the next day kept telling the police that there was a cat monster, a giant monster panda. Later, her sister also died, but the cause was not clear. Before that, the mother of two sisters had died of illness…

After the rumors and theories are quite interesting but equally odd about an extremely pure cartoon. Ghibli said the lack of silhouettes for the sisters at the end of the film was because the film’s animators felt it was unnecessary in those scenes.

So if May and Satsuki are indeed dead, what exactly is Totoro?

For fans of totoro, this chubby and cuddly god is extremely cute and friendly. But in another sense it could be the god of death! If you follow the lyrics at the end of the movie – “When he was a kid, he just visited you.” – so why can’t other kids (like the boy next door) see Totoro but only Mei and Satsuki?. And according to a number of records and cultures east and west. Only those who are about to go to heaven will see death. And that’s why only luck and satsuki can see it.

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But the above is just a question raised by fans. Totoro is still a kind and lovely god that is loved by children.