The meaning, how to wear Howls and Sophie rings is correct

howls moving castle ring

Howls and Sophie rings meaning

Surely each of us is no stranger to the name of the movie “Howl’s Moving Castle”, the movie associated with the childhood of many people. And to create the success of the film not only in beautiful, elaborate graphics, good plot, full of humanity but also by the director’s attention to even the smallest detail. Every detail in the movie “Howl’s Moving Castle” can hide deep meanings waiting for the audience to discover. Surely everyone will have an impression of the scene where Howl wears a ring for Sophie, so let’s find out with Nippon.
✍️ First of all, let’s learn about the index finger and the meaning of wearing a ring on the index finger! The “pointing” in the index finger is the orientation. Therefore, the feng shui items associated with this finger will wish many advantages, the right direction in life, career … People who wear this finger ring often have a very high ego, always have their own thoughts. and willing to say it to everyone.

howls moving castle ring meaning
howls moving castle ring meaning

Next, back to the main topic of the article. The scene where Howl puts a ring on Sophie when he asks Sophie to meet Madame Suliman on his behalf. That ring can not only protect Sophie, but also carries a very meaningful message.
As an audience of “Howl’s Moving Castle”, you all know that deep in Sophie’s heart there is always a low self-esteem, an inferiority complex about herself, which is evident in the dialogue at the beginning of the film. of her and her sister. While her sister was worried that she would be eaten by the wizard Howl, she said: Howl only eats the hearts of beautiful women (I mean I am not a beautiful woman). But actually Sophie is a very beautiful young woman, otherwise she would not be teased by the soldiers in the alley. Her inferiority and inferiority complex are also clearly depicted through many scenes in the film.
And Howl knew that, that’s why he put his ring on Sophie’s index finger with the hope that she would soon find her confidence again, bravely moving into the future, leading the way for her heart. your way.

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Howls and Sophie rings
Howls and Sophie rings

In addition, in Jewish custom, the wedding ring would be worn on the woman’s index finger. Therefore, the fact that Howl put a ring on Sophie’s index finger also means giving her heart to her. How romantic isn’t it?