Naruto Theory : Who Killed Hashirama Senju?

Hashirama Senju

Given Hashirama Senju’s huge legacy and great contribution to the ninja world, it’s strange that very few people talk about his death during the First Shinobi World War. No one knows (or at least rumors spread) whether he died of illness, age, or even murder! 

Hashirama Senju is said to be one of the most legendary ninja characters in the Naruto series; Due to his mastery of Wood Release and his gift for ninjutsu, Hashirama is known as the ‘God of Shinobi’.

In addition, Hashirama is known as an ideal character for being willing to give his life to reconcile the Senju clan with the Uchiha, succeeding in creating ‘peace for a moment’ through the establishment of Konoha, and distribute Tailed Beasts to other ninja villages without asking for anything in return.

Given his huge legacy and great contribution to the ninja world, it’s strange that very few people talk about his death during the First Shinobi World War. No one knows (or at least rumors spread) whether he died of illness, age, or even murder! As of now, this is still a mysterious Naruto Theory.

This time, I will try to find out the reason for Hashirama’s death and why this information is rarely shared by people!

Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju

Hashirama’s death must be terrible news

Hashirama Senju is more than just a Hokage. He is the First Hokage as well as the originator of the ninja village concept along with his best friend, Madara Uchiha.

Combined with the fierce battle when Madara defected, it caused great destruction and the mark left behind is the Valley of the End. However, no one seems to care about the end of Senju’s day.

Let’s compare it to the silhouette of a real-world leader who was celebrated by the world community and died suddenly.
The late JFK was the 35th President of the United States and his popularity in the eyes of the world is undeniable. As a World War II veteran, he was awarded many medals. The Kennedy family regularly appeared in many different magazines and became a fashion trend at that time.

JFK was eventually shot and killed on November 22, 1963. Not long after, a man named Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested by the police and identified as the murderer, but did not appear in court because he was killed. by another man named Jack Ruby.

If we compare we will refer to Kakuzu, when he appeared in front of Naruto and his friends. Kakashi said that their opponent tried to kill Hashirama; like a little footnote in a guide book about famous ninjas.

So, why hasn’t anyone discussed Kakuzu’s assassination attempt before?

It is unknown when, but it is certain that at some point around the time of the First Shinobi World War, Takigakure Village sent Kakuzu to finish off Hashirama Senju. Apparently, Kakuzu failed to fulfill his duty. In the end, the Takigakure officials decided to punish Kakuzu for his ‘negligence’.

So why hasn’t anyone discussed this case before? The answer may be simple.

Kakuzu failed to kill the First Hokage
First, because Kakuzu failed. Yes, because Kakuzu failed to kill the First Hokage. If the Kakuzu family succeeds in trying to assassinate Hashirama, then Tobirama and the other Konoha army members can send the ninja army to Takigakure. Because it is possible that the Takigakure officials later covered up and denied Kakuzu’s plot to assassinate Hashirama.

Perhaps Hashirama Senju died for some other reason…?

Hashirama Senju
Perhaps Hashirama Senju died for some other reason…?

At this point, it seems difficult to agree with this theory when we know that there is a “magic” in Hashirama’s body: Hashirama’s cells.

Either because of his proficiency in the Wood Release kekkei genkai, as a descendant of Asura Otsutsuki, or because of both, Hashirama’s body has the ability to regenerate itself which can heal any wound – and can be given to a human. another by taking his cells.

Hashirama’s stamina or willpower was also extraordinary so that he was able to fully fight Madara for 24 hours non-stop.

Even talking about chakra is pointless, because during World War Four Kurama’s chakra covering all the Allied Forces was said to be ‘closer’ to his own chakra.

It is almost impossible to die of age or disease, as Madara can live to be 100 years old thanks to Hashirama’s cells that he implanted in the Gedo Mazo statue. Its regenerative ability must have contributed to the ‘healing’ of foreign diseases, viruses, and bacteria that entered his body.

Some logical reasons for Hashirama’s death

Defeat by armies of Ninja like the Third Raikage and Tobirama

As a heroic figure, it’s not uncommon for Hashirama to sacrifice himself for his friends. But it’s still a bit ridiculous considering the immense power of a Hashirama Senju as one of only four characters who can fully control Tailed Beasts.

Too Good, Sacrificing Yourself For The Hostage

Hashirama Senju
Too Good, Sacrificing Yourself For The Hostage

Continuing the idea, perhaps Hashirama surrendered to the enemy to save the lives of the other Konoha ninja; especially if the young genin is taken hostage.

It is also not surprising that he was willing to commit suicide to unite the Senju and Uchiha clans under the auspices of Konoha.

Committed suicide because of losing my friend

After ‘finishing’ Madara with his own hands, he probably felt discouraged and was no longer able to lead Konoha after separating himself from his friend’s dreams.

Even in the official guidebook for The Secret Scrolls of Confrontation, it only says that Hashirama died while building his village, which means he didn’t die on the battlefield.

It was a discussion of the mystery behind Hashirama Senju’s death. It would be funny if someone killed him

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