Detailed list of all the villages in Naruto

Detailed list of all the villages in Naruto

Anime Naruto with a massive character system and meticulously built ninja world. So do you know how many villages are in Naruto? How are the village logos and headbands in Naruto? Let’s take a look at the names and symbols of the villages in Naruto with Naruto Universe in this article.

World Map in Naruto

The world in Naruto is similar to our real world, with a large continent. In addition, this world has many seas and small islands in the middle of the sea.

The five countries that have the largest area and are known as the Five Great Powers include:

  1. Land of Fire has Konohagakure
  2. Land of Wind has Sunagakure
  3. Land of Earth has Iwagakure
  4. Land of Water has Kirigakure
  5. Land of Lightning has Kumogakure

Each country will have its own military force called ninja villages.

Detailed list of all the villages in Naruto
The world in Naruto is also extremely large

Main villages in Naruto

1. Konoha – Konohagakure

  • Country: Fire Nation
  • Head: Hokage
  • Popular ninjutsu system: Fire
  • Tailed Beast Possession: Nine-Tails

As Naruto’s village and the setting of the main events, Konoha is well known to many audiences. It is also one of the strongest ninja villages in the world. Konoha is located deep inside a forest, at the foot of a majestic mountain range known as the Hokage Mountain (because of the sculptures of the faces of the Hokage leading the village). In Naruto Part I, Konoha is also the place where the Chuunin exams are held.

List of Hokage of Konoha:

  • First: Senju Hashirama
  • Second: Senju Tobirama
  • Third: Sarutobi Hiruzen
  • Fourth: Namikaze Minato
  • Fifth: Tsunade
  • Sixth: Hatake Kakashi
  • Seventh: Uzumaki Naruto

Typical clans of Konoha:

  • Uchiha clan
  • The Aburame clan
  • Hyuga clan
  • Shimura clan
  • The Senju . clan
  • The Sarutobi . clan
  • The Kurama clan
  • Hatake clan
  • The Kohaku . clan
  • Lee clan
  • Nara clan
  • Onikuma clan
  • Akimichi clan
  • Yamanaka clan
  • Inuzuka clan
  • The Hoki . clan
  • Fuma clan
Detailed list of all the villages in Naruto
Hokage cliff – the symbol of Konoha

2. Sand Village – Sunagakure

  • Country: Wind Country
  • Head: Kazekage
  • Popular ninjutsu: Wind
  • Tailed Beast Possession: One-Tails

Gaara’s Sand Village is also one of the most powerful ninja villages in Naruto. Cat village is located in the middle of high cliffs, the terrain is mostly desert, so their agriculture is quite underdeveloped. However, this position gives Sand village easy defense, keeping the village safe from many attacks and sandstorms.

Cat Village previously had a rather tense relationship with Konoha. The feudal lord of the Wind Kingdom wanted to reduce the size of the village’s military force, but cut the budget and also assigned many tasks to Konoha instead of Sand village.

However, after Orochimaru took advantage of Sand Village and assassinated the Fourth Kazekage was revealed, Sand Village and Konoha resumed their relationship and helped each other in many ways. Lang Cat is famous for his ninjutsu using sand and the Citadel (puppet control). The current Kazekage of Sand Village is Gaara.

3. Misty Village – Kirigakure

  • Country: Water Nation
  • Head: Mizukage
  • Popular ninjutsu: Water
  • Tailed Beast Possesses: Three-Tails and Six-Tails

The village of Mist is located on an archipelago separate from other places, surrounded by a magical fog all year round, famous for the group “Seven swords of the Mist village”. The ninjutsu commonly used here are mostly water-based.

It is also known for being the most brutal of the Naruto villages. Here, to become an official ninja, the contestants must slaughter their opponents – who may have been their friends and teammates, giving birth to a generation of extremely bloodthirsty ninjas. Fortunately, the custom was abandoned after Zabuza’s generation.

The beautiful 5th Mizukage Mei Terumī is currently the leader of the village. Under her management, the Mist village has gradually opened up and integrated into the world.

Detailed list of all the villages in Naruto
Close-up of Cloud Village in Naruto

4. Cloud Village – Kumogakure

  • Country: Thunder Country
  • Head: Raikage
  • Popular ninjutsu: Lightning
  • Tailed Beast Possesses: Two-Tails and Eight-Tails

Although it is also one of the five great powers, the Kingdom of Thunder is quite rarely mentioned. The origin of this country’s name comes from the large mountain ranges with a lot of thunder storms lying in the middle of the country.

Cloud Village in the Land of Thunder is located halfway up the mountain, giving it a safe and favorable position in most battles. Unlike the ninja in many other villages who used the kunai as a weapon, most of the ninja in Cloud Village were trained in the use of katana swords.

The ninjutsu featured here are Lightning Release and Thunder-type ninjutsu. The head of Cloud Village was called Raikage, the current Fifth Raikage is Darui.

In the past, Cloud Village had a slight friction with Konoha because it wanted to own the Byakugan eyes of the Hyuga clan.

5. Stone Village – Iwagakure

  • Country: Earth Kingdom
  • Head: Tsuchikage
  • Popular ninjutsu system: Earth
  • Tailed Beast Possesses: Four-Tails and Five-Tails

Surrounded by large rocky mountains, Stone Village is like a real fortress when most of the village’s buildings are built of stone. Stone Village is located in the Earth Kingdom, a country northwest of the Fire Nation. The symbol of the village consists of 2 rocks, one small and one large.

Stone Village is famous for its ninjas who use Earth-type jutsu and used to own two tailed beasts, four-tailed and five-tailed. Kurotsuchi is currently the Fourth Tsuchikage of Stone Village.

6. Rain Village – Amegakure

  • Country: Dance Country
  • Head: Tsuchikage
  • Popular ninjutsu system: Earth
  • Tailed Beast Possession: One-Tails

Rain Village belongs to Vu Quoc – a small country bordered by many other countries, is the crossroads between the Land of Wind, Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom. It is also for this reason that this place often becomes the site of battle between the parties and is severely damaged.

Most of the people of Vu Quoc are also refugees. After the civil war, the leader of the Rain village, Hanzo, was killed by Pain. Some of the former Rain ninjas had a plan to assassinate Pain, but none of them were successful. From there, he became the leader of the village and turned it into Akatsuki’s base. The residents here consider Pain to be a god, and he has never been seen in public.

Detailed list of all the villages in Naruto
4 Sound Village ninjas in the group participated in the Chuunin exam

7. Sound Village – Otogakure

  • Head: Orochimaru

Country was originally a small independent country bordering the Fire Nation. However, Orochimaru, after leaving Konoha, took over the Land of Heaven and changed its name to the Land of Sound, and founded Sound Village to serve him. Orochimaru’s goal was to gather and recruit as many ninjas as possible to experiment with and accomplish his goal of learning all the techniques, making him immortal.

Sound Ninja also appeared in the Chuunin Exam and confronted Naruto. They took this opportunity to attack Konoha on Orochimaru’s orders. Currently, the fate of this village is also very bleak and it is not known what the future will be without Orochimaru.

8. Star Village – Hoshigakure

  • Head: Hoshikage

Star village is located in a small country with many forests and borders surrounded by extremely toxic gas valley. This place was formed after a meteorite impact 200 years ago. Although there is still a Hoshikage as the village leader, the star village and the Hoshikage are not recognized as equal by other villages.

9. Artisan Village – Takumigakuge

The Artisan Village is located in a small country between the Fire Nation and the Wind Country, founded by Seimei. This is where Akatsuki hides. This village is famous for its high level of technical weapons production and often sells many weapons to other Naruto ninja villages.

At the end of the Naruto anime, the people of this village conspired to create an ultimate weapon to revive Seimei and capture Gaara, but it was ultimately unsuccessful and Seimei was killed.

10. Waterfall Village – Takigakure

  • Tailed Beast Possession: Seven-Tails

If you only watch the manga, you probably won’t know that Waterfall village exists. Waterfall Village is only mentioned in Naruto Jump Festa 2004 and the anime. This place is hidden behind a waterfall that only people in the village know the entrance to. Waterfall Village has a magical water called the Water Hero that appears once every 100 years, increasing the user’s chakra by up to 10 times. However, it also has many downsides when not everyone can withstand the power of the water hero and can cause the user to lose his life.

The people of the village have the responsibility to protect the water hero at all costs. Kazuku – member of Akatsuki who assassinated the First Hokage is also from this village.

Detailed list of all the villages in Naruto
Naruto village logos

Other small villages

  • 11. Smoke Village – Kemurigakure (Tea Country)
  • 12. Thermal Water Village – Yugagakure (Temperature Water Country)
  • 13. Ice Village – Shimogakure (Ice Country)
  • 14. Heat Demon Village – Kagero
  • 15. Snow Village – Yukigakure (Snow Country)
  • 16. Grass Village – Kusagakure (unknown country)
  • 17. Stone and Gravel Village – Ishigakure (The Stone Country)
  • 18. Moon Village – Tsukigakure
  • 19. Lock Village – Joumae (Opening Country)
  • 20. Whirlpool Village – Uzushiogakure (Swirl Country)
  • 21. Valley Village – Tanigakure (Netherlands)
  • 22. Bamboo Village – Take no Mura (Temperature Water Country)
  • 23. Pottery Village – Chori no Sato (Wind Country)
  • 24. Blind Village – Tobari no Sato (No Qing Country)
  • 25. Howling Wolf Village – Rōkoku no Sato
  • 26. Rice Village – Inaho-mura
  • 27. Nadeshiko Village
  • 28. Dadai Làng Village
  • 29. Sugi . Village
  • 30. Tsuchigumo Làng Village
  • 31. Dream Village – Yumegakure

Above is a list of all the villages in Naruto. Each village in Naruto has its own character, with unique ninjas and ninjutsu systems. Let’s follow Naruto Universe to discover more interesting information about Naruto world!