Couples in Naruto: Who has the most beautiful love?

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Although Naruto manga/anime does not mention much about love, there are still many beautiful couples in the work. So among the couples in Naruto, which couple has the most beautiful love?

Naruto is a popular manga series, attracting a large fan base around the world. Its anime adaptation is equally as popular. The attraction of this series is attractive content, vivid Ninja moves. Not only that, the emotional lines of the characters in Naruto are equally outstanding and interesting.

1. Dan – Tsunade

Dan and Tsunade are both students in the healing arts class. After being friends for a while and participating in missions together, the two fell in love. Unfortunately, Dan died from his injuries after a battle. Tsunade tried her best but still couldn’t save her life.

This pain followed Tsunade until the end of her life, making her afraid of blood, unable to open her heart to receive new love. Also because of losing the most important person in her life, she broke down and left the village, wandering everywhere.

Couples in Naruto: Who has the most beautiful love?
Dan’s beautiful and tragic love – Tsunade

2. Sai – Ino

Sai – Ino is one of the most loved couples in Naruto thanks to their cute interactions.

Ino first met Sai when their team encountered each other during a hospital visit and she quickly became attracted to Sai. Ino stared and blushed at Sai’s presence. She also complimented Sai’s handsome appearance while talking to Sakura.

Ino devises a plan to sit next to him to flirt with him when their team is invited to BBQ by Asuma. And Sai called Ino “Miss beautiful”, making her blush and confused.

After the end of the 4th Ninja War, Ino and Sai’s relationship flourished, becoming a deep love relationship. They eventually got married and had a child together.

3. Shikamaru – Temari

Shikamaru and Temari are one of the other Naruto couples that have received a lot of attention from the fan community. After many times collaborating and working together, Shikamaru and Temari gradually developed feelings for each other.

They ended up dating and starting a family together. Their son is named Shikadai, a handsome, naughty boy, so he is often scolded by his mother. In the family, Temari plays the role of a strict mother, constantly teaching Shikadai, while Shikamaru is a pampered father.

Couples in Naruto: Who has the most beautiful love?
Shikamaru and Temari’s “mother tiger mother cat” family

4. Naruto – Hinata

Referring to the couples in Naruto, of course, it is impossible to ignore the Naruto – Hinata couple. This couple is famous in the fan community from early on, because Hinata has been secretly fond of Naruto for a long time, moreover, she is also a character that is loved by many people. .

Naruto and Hinata have known each other since they were kids. At first, Naruto only saw Hinata as timid and strange. At that time Naruto was still a naughty boy with a dream of becoming Hokage, and only Hinata, Iruka, Sasuke respected that dream of his. After graduating from the academy, they were placed on separate teams even though Hinata wished they were on the same team.

During the 4th Ninja War, Naruto and Hinata fought together. Thanks to this opportunity, Naruto knew Hinata’s feelings and understood his own. After the war ended, they got married and had two children: son Boruto and daughter Himawari.

5. Yahiko – Konan

Konan and Yahiko were orphans after the Second Ninja War. Abandoned by the adults, they, along with Nagato, are forced to steal food from others in order to survive.

Konan and Yahiko have gone through many hardships in life and in combat together, so their relationship has a deep bond. Konan was later kidnapped by Hanzo’s men, and Yahiko sacrificed himself to save her. This ending makes fans sobbing and heartbroken because they can’t enjoy happiness after so much suffering.

Couples in Naruto: Who has the most beautiful love?
Yahiko and Konan love and respect each other very much

6. Minato – Kushina

Minato and Kushina both attended the Ninja Academy. At first, Kushina thought Minato was unreliable and odd, as he dreamed of becoming Hokage but was shy in front of her. But a few years later, they fell in love and got married. When Kushina became pregnant, Minato sent Captain Kakashi Hatake to protect her.

On the night Kushina gave birth, Tobi took advantage of her weakened state and unleashed the Nine-Tails, causing much of Konoha’s death. Minato was forced to seal the Nine-Tails inside Naruto to prevent its destruction. But before he and Kushina succeeded, the Nine-Tails tried to kill Naruto.

Therefore, they used their bodies as a shield for their son and were pierced by the monster’s claws. The Nine-Tails was eventually successfully sealed inside their newborn son and Minato and Kushina were sacrificed together.

When the story of Naruto’s parents was revealed, they immediately became one of the most loved Naruto couples.

7. Sasuke – Sakura

Sasuke and Sakura have known each other since they were 6 years old and attended the same Ninja Academy. Sakura quickly develops feelings for Sasuke after seeing him eating alone – she is mesmerized by his good looks and calm demeanor. However, this is still a one-sided love.

Sasuke even nearly killed Sakura, destroyed Konoha and left with Orochimaru. But none of this changes Sakura’s love for him. After the 4th Ninja War, Sasuke gradually realized his feelings for Sakura.

They eventually got married and had a daughter named Sarada. This girl and Boruto – Naruto’s son are also one of the most anticipated Boruto couples by fans.

Couples in Naruto: Who has the most beautiful love?
Sakura’s unrequited love finally has a beautiful ending

8. Choji – Karui

Of the Naruto pairs, Choji and Karui are the most surprising because they didn’t have much interaction before. In the last chapter of Naruto, the couple’s return to the same house shocked quite a few fans.

Choji is a kind, polite person, but because of his appearance, he often feels confident. He has an undying passion for food and becomes extremely agitated if someone calls him “fat”.

When someone insults himself or his friends, Choji unleashes a terrifying power. The highlight of this guy is his strong physique, the ability to combine the techniques of the clan to cause attacks with high damage.

Karui is a girl with a striking, unique appearance with dark skin, long red hair, and amber eyes. She is very aggressive, impulsive, “into the skin”. It can be said that she is the polar opposite of the gentle Choji. Perhaps that’s why they were attracted to each other and became a couple after the 4th Ninja War.

9. Neji – Tenten

Neji and Tenten are Ninjas of Team 9, they have a close relationship and perform many missions together. Throughout the anime, the audience can clearly see that Tenten has a special affection for Neji and the chemistry between them is also amazing. Therefore, they are very loved and supported among the pairs in Naruto.

Many fans believe that Neji and Tenten will eventually get married. However, the fact that Neji was killed in the final part of the series made fans very sad and disappointed. At first, Tenten had no reaction to Neji’s death. But then, she repeatedly lamented Neji’s abandonment of her and dreamed that he was still alive in the Infinite Moon Poison. This clearly shows Neji is very sad about Neji’s death and she is just trying to control herself.

Many fans speculate that the fact that Tenten is still single in Boruto is proof of her love for Neji. She doesn’t want to marry anyone to stay true to her love for Neji. In the final chapter of Naruto, she also states that she doesn’t have a boyfriend even though she is imagining her wedding with someone else – possibly Neji.

Couples in Naruto: Who has the most beautiful love?
Couple Neji and Tenten are loved and supported by many fans

10. Jiraiya – Tsunade

Jiraiya and Tsunade are among the strongest Ninja in the world but they don’t want to shoulder the responsibility of being Hokage. Tsunade and everyone in the Village knew about Jiraiya’s feelings for her. But even so Tsunade didn’t give Jiraiya a chance to speak.

The night before setting off to fight the Six Paths of Pain, Jiraiya became aware that this might be his last chance to see the person he loved. Tsunade understood Jiraiya’s love and promised that if he returned alive, she would give him a chance.

Tsunade was known for his bad luck, losing bets every time, so Jiraiya suggested that she bet he would lose. But painfully, the bet Tsunade didn’t want to win the most turned out to be the first win in her life. And unfortunately for Jiraiya, he finally had a chance after so many years of being alone, but he was never able to get his hands on that opportunity.

The love of this Naruto couple made many fans sad because the ending of the separation was so regretful.

Above is a list of the most popular Naruto couples. In general, Naruto’s emotional line has been built very nicely, leaving the audience with many deep memories. Some people are happy next to the person they love after many hardships. There are couples who have to suffer from the “separation of yin and yang” as a result of the war.

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