Boruto Review: Is Boruto really “bad” as rumored?

Boruto Review: Is Boruto really "bad" as rumored?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a movie about the growing up journey of the son of the Seventh Hokage Naruto – Boruto Uzumaki. The series has been on the air for a long time and there is a lot of controversy surrounding whether Boruto is worth watching or not. Let’s read the following Boruto review from Naruto Universe to answer the above question!

1. Boruto series introduction

Boruto is the sequel to the famous Naruto manga/anime, telling the descendants of the characters in this work. The Boruto wiki page answered the question of whose children the characters in Boruto are as follows:

  • Who is Boruto? Boruto is the son of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga
  • Himawari – daughter of Naruto and Hinata
  • Kawaki – Naruto’s adopted son
  • Uchiha Sarada – The only daughter of Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura
  • Mitsuki – Orochimaru’s son, is actually the product of his successful experiment
  • Sarutobi Konohamaru – grandson of the Third Hokage

The context of the film continues to take place in the world of shinobi, at this time Naruto has become the Seventh Hokage. After the Great Ninja War, the world was peaceful, there was no more fighting or hatred between the villages. Everyone focuses on socio-economic development. Thanks to that, technology develops day by day, the world becomes more civilized.

Ninjas don’t need to practice arduously like before to execute ninjutsu such as Thunder Release, Water Release, etc., but only need to use “scientific ring tools”.

The evil force – the Otsutsuki clan gradually rises. After defeating a member of this family once, Boruto had the “Seal of Karma” engraved on his palm. From there, he and his comrades began a war with Otsutsuki and set out to find the secret behind this seal.

Above is a brief introduction to the characters, background and core content of Boruto: Hau Sinh Khau. Here is the Boruto review, analyzing all the good and bad points of this movie.

Boruto Review: Is Boruto really "bad" as rumored?
Boruto got Karma’s seal on his hand after his battle with the Otsutsuki

2. Boruto movie review

2.1. 6 reasons to watch Boruto

2.1.1. Thrilling, eye-catching battles

Boruto has excellently reproduced many attractive matches between the main characters and the opposite faction. Some notable matches are:

  • Naruto – Sasuke with Momoshiki: The match showed a great coordination between the two strongest Ninja in the world Naruto – Sasuke. At the same time, through this battle, Boruto understood more about the responsibility of keeping the peace for the village that his father was shouldering.
  • Boruto vs Deepa: This is the match of the entire Team 7, and also shows the progress in controlling Sarada’s Left Eye and Boruto’s Rasengan power.
  • Naruto and Delta: Naruto demonstrated his chakra control during his battle with Delta when he tried to kidnap Kawaki. After the battle, the bond between Boruto and Kawaki grew stronger and Kawaki understood more about his importance in Naruto’s heart.
  • Naruto – Sasuke vs Jigen: Naruto and Sasuke failed to stop Jigen. This is a testament to the danger of this villain.
  • New Team 7 and Boro: After Sasuke was mortally wounded and Naruto was sealed, the new Team 7 immediately rushed into battle to save Naruto. By defeating Boro, they succeeded in rescuing Naruto.
Boruto Review: Is Boruto really "bad" as rumored?
New Team 7 with Kawaki on their journey to save Naruto

2.1.2. Happy family moments of heroes.

Most of the heroes have a tragic background when they lose their parents and family after wars. But Boruto brought a happy atmosphere to our heroes. That’s when Sasuke turned to Kakashi for advice on how to be a better father to Sarada. Or when Naruto carried Himawari and played with her all day. And also the times when Hinata caught Boruto sneaking under a blanket playing video games.

These moments bring everyday life close to viewers. It is also a way to satisfy the fans’ hopes of Naruto having a happy life. This is one of the reasons why Boruto review thinks this movie is extremely worth watching.

2.1.3. Appreciate the love of family and friends.

The film focuses on developing the father-son relationship between Naruto and Boruto. It shows the importance of taking care and educating children in the family. This can be clearly seen through the way Naruto tells the story about the relationship between father and son and how Kawaki gradually integrates into the family thanks to Naruto’s loving heart.

Through the details in the film, viewers also clearly see the concern of the characters for their family members. The importance of friends is also shown very well through dialogues that make viewers think.

Boruto Review: Is Boruto really "bad" as rumored?
Boruto learns to get along with his father after many conflicts

2.1.4 High quality graphics and sound

According to Boruto review, the graphics in Boruto have improved a lot compared to the Naruto part. Smooth movements, beautiful fighting movements create a deep impression on viewers.

In addition, thanks to the accuracy of the voiceover sound, the movements in Boruto become more vivid. The soundtrack is also very good and has a rich amount. The opening and ending music is loved by many fans.

2.1.5 The interaction between the new Team 7 members is very interesting.

The new Team 7 consisting of Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki have a good relationship and support each other a lot even though their previous generation Naruto, Sasuke and Orochimaru were once rivals.

The development of two characters Boruto and Sarada have interesting similarities. Initially, the two have a conflict with their father, then, they work together to rescue their father. Eventually, they become more mature, and have stronger goals and determinations.

Boruto is ready to protect Sarada as she pursues her own goals. And Sarada always follows and supports Boruto on the way to becoming the strongest Ninja. Therefore, many fans believe that the answer to the question of who Boruto will marry is none other than Sarada.

Mitsuki plays a supporting role for Boruto and Sarada in battles. Through that, the relationship of the new Team 7 members became more cohesive.

Boruto Review: Is Boruto really "bad" as rumored?
Team 7 has a friendship, the camaraderie is closely linked

2.1.6 Brings more knowledge about the Otsutsuki clan.

When Kimimaro revealed that he was from the Otsutsuki clan in the Naruto series, there was much speculation about the origin of the Rabbit Goddess Kaguya and the Otsutsuki family among the fan community. These speculations are settled in Boruto, as their protagonists learn about the origins of these “non-Earth” people.

Fans answered questions like why, despite Kaguya having such great power, still needs to nurture the Zetsu army? Why did she come to Earth? What is Kaguya’s true purpose? Why was Kaguya injured when found in the forest?… In addition, viewers also better understand the power of the Otsutsuki family through the Karma seal.

With the above 6 reasons, Boruto review believes that the Boruto series: Afterlife is a worthy movie to watch.

Boruto Review: Is Boruto really "bad" as rumored?
Otsutsuki clan are extraterrestrials with tremendous power

2.2. 4 reasons why Boruto was “stoned” when he just debuted

2.2.1 Character building is flawed

The way to build Boruto character is evaluated to have more shortcomings than the Naruto part. In Naruto, the characters have distinct personalities, clear backgrounds, and clear goals. According to Boruto review, this advantage has completely disappeared in the Boruto series.

The characters’ personalities lack obvious highlights, the difficulties they face in life are almost non-existent. None of the characters have a really clear goal of trying.

Naruto wants to become Hokage and gain everyone’s recognition or Sasuke wants to kill Itachi for revenge. Meanwhile, Boruto often causes trouble and destruction just to get Naruto’s attention, even though Naruto never abandoned him. Boruto’s goal of becoming like Sasuke is also too superficial and unattractive to viewers.

Boruto Review: Is Boruto really "bad" as rumored?
Boruto’s goal of becoming like Sasuke is quite “reluctant”.

2.2.2 Long storyline

Boruto: The Afterlife is reviewed by Boruto as having a lengthy plot, focusing too much on side stories and forgetting to solve the main problems. The villain has no clear motivation, lacks individuals and organizations that attract viewers’ attention.

2.2.3 Skills are not renewed

The skills in Boruto are almost unchanged, but mostly passed down by parents. The number of new skills or improved old skills can only be counted on the fingers. This makes the audience’s interest in the fight scenes decrease, because they have to watch over and over again the skills that have appeared in the Naruto series before.

Boruto Review: Is Boruto really "bad" as rumored?
Naruto’s power is noticeably reduced in the Boruto series

2.2.4 The strength of the old characters “degraded”

One of the keys to a successful sequel to a series is balancing the length and strength of new and old characters. According to Boruto review, the Boruto series has completely failed in this regard.

Instead of letting the old characters appear less, and gradually transferring the problem solving to the new characters, the movie still lets the old characters appear more and balances by reducing their power. go away. This made Naruto fans angry and turned away from this movie.

Above is the Boruto review done by Naruto Universe. As a sequel to Naruto, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has not met the expectations of fans but as a standalone manga/anime, Boruto is a work worth watching. The film uses the background of the ninja world combined with interesting modern technologies.

Despite facing strong opposition at first, Boruto gradually proved his appeal and attracted many viewers. If you are an anime fan and want to have a new experience, don’t miss this movie. Watch the movie at Naruto Universe now!