5 strongest technique in Naruto

5 strongest technique in Naruto

In the Naruto series, there are many powerful techniques, but which is the ability that makes many people crave the most because of its overwhelming strength. Let’s find the answer to the question: What is the strongest technique in Naruto?

5. Edo Tensei

5 strongest technique in Naruto
Edo Tensei is a jutsu that obeys the law of equivalent exchange.

Edo Tensei is the most complex technique in the Naruto series and is classified as a dangerous forbidden ninjutsu. The second Hokage Tobirama Senju was the one who invented this technique, but it was Orochimaru and Kabuto who developed the perfect Impure Reincarnation.

The purpose of this jutsu is to bring a dead person back to life, but the mechanics of Edo Tensei are quite complicated. Originally, Edo Tensei was derived from ordinary summoning techniques. But Edo Tensei does not need a contract, the user who wants to use the jutsu must have the DNA of the person he wants to revive or can use a sample of the dead person’s blood or organs.

The condition for resurrecting a person is that that person’s soul is forced to stay in the Pure Land (roughly translated as good land), because anyone who has been sealed by the God of Death will not be able to resurrect.

Not only does this help bring the dead back to life, this technique also makes former shinobi stronger than when alive: having unlimited chakra, abundant physical strength, so they can use all their techniques at will. to the fullest without rest.

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4. Eight Gates Released Formation

5 strongest technique in Naruto
Eight Gates Released Formation’s a forbidden technique

Eight Gates Released Formation is a forbidden technique as it will break down all barriers, unleashing the culmination of energy created and mastered by Might Duy, which he then passed on to his son, Might Guy.

Eight Gates are eight points on a shinobi’s Chakra circulation system, they limit the flow of Chakra to prevent the user from becoming depressed. But once Eight Gate is opened, it will give the user a power hundreds of times greater than their normal level, but the body will be severely damaged, even at the expense of their own lives. mine.

For example, when Guy opened the Eight Gates, his speed was so high that he was able to almost kill Madara in the Ten-Tails’ Jinchuuriki. Madara Uchiha himself also acknowledged his skill in Taijutsu and said, “I – Madara declares you to be the strongest”.

3. Rinnegan

5 strongest technique in Naruto
Rinnegan is the most powerful of the three types of Eyebending.

Rinnegan is revered as a type of jutsu capable of creating all ninjutsu, so it can be considered the most “powerful” eye in Naruto. Unlike the Sharingan or the Byakugan that needs to be activated to be used, the Rinnegan is always in an active state.

Rinnegan gives its user a host of extremely powerful and overwhelming abilities. The most obvious proof is that Nagato, after being attached to Madara’s Rinnegan by Obito, had unimaginable powers to destroy Konoha.

Or like Sasuke Uchiha, after receiving Hagoromo’s chakra, Sasuke was able to awaken the Rinnegan in his left eye, a purple 6-point Rinnegan. Thanks to that, Sasuke was able to join Naruto against the Rabbit Goddess Kaguya Otsutsuki.

2. Sage art wood release: Several thousand hands

5 strongest technique in Naruto
Sage art wood release: Several thousand hands

Sage art wood release: Several thousand hands is a technique performed while Senju Hashirama is in Sage mode. The First Master created a huge wooden Buddha with two hands clasped in front of him and a thousand hands to attack his opponent. Using it, Hashirama was able to shatter the Susanoo armor surrounding the Nine-Tails.

1. Totsuka Blade

5 strongest technique in Naruto
Technique in Naruto: Totsuka Blade

Itachi’s full-body Susanoo is equipped with two great treasures, the Sword of Totsuka and the Yata Mirror. Totsuka’s sword is also known as the Jiujiao Taijia and is a variant of the Kusanagi sword.

Totsuka’s sword is no ordinary sword because the blade is actually the liquid inside the gourd. And when released, it changes shape, with the ability to seal anything it pierces through. The victim of the sword will be sucked into the bottle of wine and forever stuck in the magic world.