10 things you didn’t know about Tenten


Tenten, for example, is a character with a rather unique fighting style – specializing in the use of ninja tools and weapons rather than just using them as an extra skill – and despite being loved by many fans.

In the early episodes of Anime Naruto, viewers saw the “bias” for male ninjas. The main kunoichi (female ninja) of the cast, Sakura, was nothing compared to Naruto and Sasuke during their genin days, and the other kunoichi didn’t get much screen time.

It really wasn’t until the 5th Hokage – Tsunade appeared that viewers really felt the power of the women in the story.

Despite this, many undeveloped supporting female characters are still loved by many fans due to their untapped potential.

Tenten, for example, is a character with a rather unique fighting style – specializing in the use of ninja tools and weapons rather than just using them as an extra skill – and despite being loved by many fans. but she doesn’t get as much screen time to shine that she deserves. And so many questions were raised for her.

In the Manga, Tenten’s outfit is blue

In the Manga, Tenten’s outfit is blue

It is quite common to change colors when manga are adapted into anime, such as eye color or hair color. In her case, in the original color version of the manga, her outfit is actually blue.

It was changed to pink in the anime, and later in the manga’s later issues, it was also changed to pink to match. It’s not clear why this particular change occurred, but the pink color makes her outfit resemble other young kunoichi in the series, such as Sakura and Ino.

Tenten’s overall skill is not high

There is a statistical table that gives statistics about the skills of the characters in Naruto. To counterbalance her being a “weapon master”, her other skills are not that high, with her peak being just above average.

Her genjutsu and strength are the lowest of her areas, reaching only 0.5/5, while her stamina and sealing are slightly higher at 2/5. Her ninjutsu is a solid trio, while her taijutsu, intelligence, and speed are all in the three and a half.

The scrolls Tenten carry can do more

Her scrolls are often stored for her weapons until the critical times when she needs them. The she can then take them out as they please, or create an infinite number of weapons from the scroll down at once.

However, in the anime she actually does much more with his reels than simply storing weapons. She is shown storing a fire dragon that can explode on contact, as well as a large metal dome that she can use for defense.

This ability is quite impressive, allowing Tenten to hold objects as large as a ship. If she wanted to, she could even store a large amount of water.

Tenten is a master of weapons

Tenten is a master of weapons

She is not only a weapon expert but also considered one of Konaha’s weapon masters.

It’s also a well-deserved title, given her ability to wield weapons she’s not even familiar with, as well as her penchant for collecting and learning about any weapon she can find. She can also perform techniques with the precision of a weapon. Her shuriken throw is the top in Konoha.

Tenten can use weapons proficiently for the first time

She is such a proficient weapon user that she doesn’t even need prior knowledge of a weapon to use it effectively.

Two great examples of this in the anime are with Jidanda – a giant chained ball of thorns – and Bashosen – a large fan that consumes chakra when used, which is seen as a tool of the Sage of the Six Paths.

While she is able to successfully use both of these weapons, Bashosen causes her to collapse afterwards due to the amount of chakra it consumes from the user.

Of course, although she can use any weapon effectively, she is the best with her kusari-fundo, or the chain whip she often sees in battle.

Tenten has opened a weapon shop

In the Boruto anime, she opened her own ninja tool shop, but this was not the dream she had planned all her life. Instead, it all started as a hobby for her, as she collected every ninja tool from around the world she could use.

As her hobby continued to grow, she realized that it was better for her to share her passion with others with similar interests. As a result, she decided to open her own weapons store, and it’s great that her childhood hobby turned into an adult passion.

Tenten is a sweet character

Tenten is a sweet character

She is a sweet character who cares deeply about his team, but her growth rate is much slower than the 2 people on his team.

Might Guy and Rock Lee are two of the most aggressive and dominant ninjas in the entire series, and compared to them, she develops at a much slower rate.

She wishes that her teammates would behave more mature, this was revealed in a dream by Infinite Tsukuyomi. She doesn’t like intense workouts or multi-day trips like her teammates, and she revels in the days off she gets.

Tenten doesn’t like to rely on others

Take Tsunade as a role model since childhood, with a personal dream of becoming a legendary kunoichi like Tsunade. She is extremely consistent when it comes to women.

This has become a strong view of women and she can become strong in taijutsu (when Neji thinks otherwise). She is shown to hate being weak or being too dependent on others.

She and her team turned down the chance to take the Chunin exam early

Fans will of course be familiar with the Chunin Exams and the legendary contribution that Team Tenten’s Lee made. He is the whole reason that Sakura and the other members of Team 7 were able to survive, but what is less well known is that a single decision can change everything.

Her team was actually given the opportunity to take the Chunin exam early because all three of them had good skills. However, they really made the group decision to wait, because they all wanted to hone their skills further before trying to become a chunin.

Tenten’s original dream was to become a healing ninja

Since the time she was introduced by her, she seems to have been fascinated with ninja tools and aspires to become a kunoichi with her own specialized fighting style.

However, this is not how she begins, as she really dreams of becoming a healing ninja following in the footsteps of the Fifth Hokage – Tsunade.

However, one condition for anyone who wants to become a legendary healer ninja, a large amount of chakra control is required, and not all shinobi have this ability.She simply doesn’t need to control chakra, but Tsunade still inspires her as she goes her own way.

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