TOP 10 Strongest Female Shinobi in Manga Boruto

Female Shinobi

With several new female characters added to the cast, Boruto boasts a balance of power between male and female shinobi. So, today let’s take a look at the TOP 10 strongest female shinobi in Manga Boruto with Naruto Universe Blog.

The Boruto series introduces another version of the Ninja world with a glimpse of the adult characters from Naruto. The manga itself is a sequel to the Naruto generation, so there will be powerful ninjas born that inherit the abilities of the previous generation.

Masashi Kishimoto has introduced several new shinobi names to the Boruto community, and they continue to shine even in the spin-off.

With several new female characters added to the cast, Boruto boasts a balance of power between male and female shinobi. So, today let’s take a look at the TOP 10 strongest female shinobi in Manga Boruto with Naruto Universe Blog.


Eida is another member of the Kara organization. She is currently considered the strongest female character of the Boruto series. Her strength depends so much on the fact that everyone, regardless of gender, loves her, so it’s hard to hurt her.

She has the clairvoyant powers of the Senrigan, giving her the ability to know everything that is happening anywhere in the world now and what has happened in the past.

Her Taijutsu skills even surpassed Jigen’s abilities. She is also shown to be quite fond of both Kawaki and Boruto, which is also the reason behind her decision to join forces with Code.


Delta is a member of an evil organization called Kara. She is a robot whose body has been significantly modified using scientific ninjutsu. She can control and transform her legs for combat.

She is a Yin Releaser and has the ability to use Genjutsu. Her Taijutsu skills are also commendable as she was dueling with Naruto, when he was in his six path state. She is currently one of Boruto’s strongest villains.

Haruno Sakura

Haruno Sakura is considered to be the strongest Kunoichi (female ninja), who even surpassed her teacher, the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade.

As a person of ordinary background, she was able to display the remarkable maturity that comes from an ordinary ninja until she was able to use Byakugou. She also has superhuman physical strength.

In addition, she is also considered to be the strongest healing ninja in Konoha and can also summon Katsuyu, a giant summoned beast similar to Tsunade.


Female Shinobi

Kurotsuchi is the Fourth Tsuchikage of the Stone Village and because of that is definitely considered one of the strongest female ninja. She is a proficient user of Fire Release, Water Release, and Earth Release.

Moreover, she possesses excellent fighting skills. During her battle with Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki, she was able to send him flying with one punch.

The official novel of Boruto: Naruto the Movie even states that she is the strongest genjutsu user among all the Kage.


Coming from the Kazekage clan of Sand Village, Temari is one of the strongest kunoichi in the boruto world.

She wields a giant Folding Fan in battle, a way she uses to control the wind, making her one of the most powerful users of Wind Release. In the Boruto anime, Temari is strong enough to stand alone against the Byakuya Gang.

Uchiha Sarada

Uchiha Sarada is one of the strongest female ninja of Boruto’s generation. The daughter of one of the most powerful shinobi – Sasuke Uchiha and the most powerful healing ninja – Haruno Sakura.

In addition to the Sharingan, she also inherited her mother’s superhuman strength. She is also proficient in Shurikenjutsu and Genjutsu. Currently, she is the only shinobi after Kakashi and Sasuke to ever use Chidori’s powers.

Yamanaka Ino

Female Shinobi
Yamanaka Ino

Yamanaka Ino is the current head of the Yamanaka clan. She is said to be the strongest Sensing-type ninja, is a proficient Taijutsu user, a mind reader, and can possess someone’s mind and body, among other things. She is a famous medical ninja who later opened a children’s hospital with Sakura.

Hyuga Hanabi

Hanabi is the current heir to the Hyuga clan. From an early age, she showed special talents, even surpassing her sisters. Her father accepted that Hanabi’s Byakugan was one of the strongest in her clan.

It is even considered to be as strong as Neji’s Byakugan. In addition, she is also a proficient Taijutsu user which we can observe during her match with Boruto.

Hyuga Hinata

In addition to being a gentle mother to her children and a caring wife for Naruto, Hinata is also one of Konoha’s strongest female ninjas.

Her Dojutsu, Byakugan, is one of the most powerful Eyebending, giving her 360-degree X-ray vision. Although she hasn’t fought in any notable battles in Boruto, she is still a powerful shinobi who was once the heiress of the Hyuga clan.

Sarutobi Mirai

Female Shinobi
Sarutobi Mirai

Sarutobi Mirai is a special ninja, the daughter of Kurenai and Asuma, two of Konoha’s most powerful shinobi. Similar to her father, she can use the Wind Release technique, and she is also proficient in the Sealing technique.

Her skill in Genjutsu is also commendable, which was passed on to her by her mother. Furthermore, she is a ninja strong enough to be assigned as bodyguard to the 6th and 7th Hokage of Konoha.

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