Naruto Theory: Where did Otsutsuki Toneri go when Kaguya revived?

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If you’ve watched The Last: Naruto the Movie and the Boruto anime, you’re of course familiar with the character Toneri Otsutsuki. Toneri is the only direct descendant of Hamura, one of Kaguya Otsutsuki’s children, left behind in the ninja world.

Playing a small role in Boruto Toneri’s first appearance in The Last revealed more of the Otsutsuki clan’s past; some of them have been assigned to protect the Moon so that the Ten-Tails or Kaguya will not rise again!

But why during the Fourth Shinobi World War, Toneri didn’t appear even though Kaguya’s threat was so close?

Before engaging in the discussion of Toneri’s disappearance, let’s recall how Kaguya and the Gedo Mazo might have had such a close relationship with the Moon and what duties Hamura had entrusted to his descendants. mine.

The Moon’s Relationship with Kaguya and Gedo Mazo

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The Moon’s Relationship with Kaguya and Gedo Mazo

By giving birth to twins Hagoromo and Hamura, Kaguya also shared the chakra she had (and obtained from eating the Chakra Fruit) with them.

As the years passed, Kaguya grew increasingly hungry for chakra and intended to ‘master’ all chakra on Earth; merged with the Divine Tree and became the Ten-Tails and challenged his own child.

After weeks of fighting, Hagoromo and Hamura successfully sealed the Ten-Tails chakra into Hagoromo’s body while the chakra-free body was locked with Chibaku Tensei and thrown into space – the cage became the Moon and the body was empty. empty becomes Gedo Mazo .

Hagoromo settled on Earth and spread chakra, giving birth to ninshu teachings that were later transformed into ninjutsu war weapons and breaking the Ten-Tails chakra into the nine-tailed beasts.

On the other hand, Hamura along with some of his family decided to go to the Moon to maintain Gedo Mazo’s existence so that the Ten-Tails would no longer cause trouble.

The Quest of Toneri Otsutsuki and Descendants of Hamura

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The Quest of Toneri Otsutsuki and Descendants of Hamura

Receiving a message from his brother to wait 1,000 years and watch over humanity before returning to Earth, Hamura said that his clan would protect Gedo Mazo for the rest of his life.

Spending the rest of his life watching the Earth until old age, Hamura asked the Otsutsuki Clan on the Moon to continue the work before he finally passed away.
However, hundreds of years have passed causing misunderstanding among the Otsutsuki members on the Moon

The people of the Main House want to continue tracking humans and then descending to Earth, but the Subfamily wants to destroy the Earth because they believe that Hagoromo’s descendants are corrupting the teachings of the Sage of the Six Paths.

The Quest of Toneri Otsutsuki and Descendants of Hamura

The two divergent views also lead to civil war, and the destruction of all members of the Main House due to the power of the Tenseigan Energy Reservoir – an energy engine created from the Hamura Tenseigan and the Byakugan collection. used as a source of lunar energy.

A millennium has passed since the defeat of the Ten-Tails, the Otsutsuki Division on the Moon is slowly disappearing and only Toneri remains.

The reason behind Otsutsuki Toneri’s disappearance when Kaguya appeared

Following the events of The Last: Naruto The Movie, two years after Kaguya’s revival (and failure), Toneri Otsutsuki and his clan assumed that the failed world of Hagoromo and the shinobi on Earth would destroy peace world peace and order; so they are ready to carry out ‘Hamura’s orders’ to destroy the Earth.

The funny thing is, based on the story of The Last Toneri himself realizing that Gedo Mazo was successfully stolen by the power of Rinnegan Madara and eventually the Ten-Tails and Kaguya resurrected during the Fourth World War Shinobi! Then why didn’t Toneri do anything to stop it?

Why did he have to wait two years? Though he could have arrived when Kaguya showed up – or even when Madara first released Gedo Mazo – and destroyed the Earth while they were still weak compared to an Otsutsuki (before Naruto and Sasuke got the Hagoromo chakra). )?

Preparation required to use Tenseigan’s power

There are two types of Tenseigan: 1, Hamura owned by dōjutsu can be recreated by combining chakra Hamura descended from the Otsutsuki and Hyuuga clans;
2, The Reservoir Energy of the same name was provided by Hamura Tenseigan before his death and thousands of Byakugans belonging to the Otsutsuki clan on the moon and became the source of the moon’s energy.

Toneri’s plan to destroy Earth is to drop pieces of the Moon there. So being able to prepare for things like organizing his army of puppets and other matters in order to execute the plan smoothly that Toneri required quite a bit of preparation time.

Toneri’s father is uncertain about the division’s opinion

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Toneri’s father is uncertain about the division’s opinion

It has been said that Toneri and his father secretly visited Earth many times until Toneri saw Hinata and fell in love with her. The father also said that one day he should come down to Earth and find friends there.

Then, possibly until the Fourth Shinobi World War, Toneri’s father was still alive and he didn’t want to destroy the Earth; not only because he doubts the views of the division, but also so that his son can be surrounded by people who love him in the future.

But before the final story, Toneri’s father died and Toneri finally decided to do the only thing left of his family: the order to destroy the Earth because the shinobi were deemed to have disobeyed Hagoromo’s teachings.

That’s more or less the reason why Toneri Otsutsuki was absent when Kaguya reappeared and attacked the ninja world in the opinion of the manga fanatic. Do you agree with this analysis? Or do you have a different opinion? Leave it in the comments below

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