Hyuga Hinata and Rock Lee have things in common


If a Naruto fan were asked to choose two seemingly complete opposites, Hyuga Hinata and Rock Lee might be their first choice. The two ninjas appeared as if they couldn’t be more alike.

Rock Lee is bold, full of energy and always looking to fight; while Hyuga Hinata is shy, self-conscious and generally avoids conflicts.

Although Hinata and Lee have very different personalities, they have more in common than one might think. These two characters have so much in common that it’s as if they perform the same role in the story.

Hinata and Lee fight for love

Hinata and Lee fight for love

Hyuga Hinata and Lee both love the characters they swore to protect. Everyone knew that Hyuga Hinata had a crush on Naruto since they were kids.

She nearly fainted whenever Naruto approached her, but when Naruto was almost captured by Akatsuki, she put Naruto’s life first to protect him. Lee’s love for Sakura is similar.

When he first met Sakura, Lee vowed to always protect her no matter what. When Sakura was attacked by the Sound ninjas in the Forest of Death, Lee ran to her aid. Although both Hinata and Lee were defeated in their battles, they kept their promise of their love.

Hyuga Hinata and Lee are both Taijutsu masters

Hinata and Lee are both Taijutsu masters

Without a doubt, Rock Lee is considered one of the best taijutsu users in the series. Though unable to use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, Lee makes up for it with his physical combat skills.

Under the training of his mentor, Might Guy, Lee transformed into a ninja capable of defeating Sasuke Uchiha in their first meeting and challenging powerful foes such as Gaara and Kimimaro.

Hinata is also another character in the series that uses taijutsu exclusively. Neither Rock Lee nor Hyuga Hinata ever used ninjutsu in their battles in the series.

Hinata uses her clan’s Gentle Fist fighting style to block her opponent’s chakra and deal damage to the chakra system.

She is so adept at this fighting style that she is able to use Juuho Soushiken lightly, a secret technique of the Hyūga clan, which she used against Pain again. Hinata and Rock Lee are two of the strongest taijutsu users in the Naruto world.

Hinata and Lee both started from the bottom

Hinata and Lee both started from the bottom

A decisive part of Hinata’s story is that she starts out as a rather weak person. She was often bullied as a child because of her eyes and asked Naruto to protect her.

Hyuga Hinata was even stripped of her position as heir to the Hyuga clan by her father when her younger sister, Hanabi, showed stronger fighting skills. Initially, most of the people in Hinata’s life believed that she would be a weakling for the rest of her life.

Rock Lee has a similar background to Hinata. Due to his inability to use ninjutsu or genjutsu, many believe that he will never become a skilled ninja.

He was at the bottom of the class during his time at the Academy and was looked down upon by those around him. Just like Hinata, most people believe that Lee will always be a failed ninja. Both Hinata and Lee started their stories at a disadvantage.

Hyuga Hinata and Lee both change over time

Lee and Hinata both have the same goal. Both characters want to prove that they can change who they are. One of the topical questions asked during the Chunin round was whether a person can change himself.

Hyuga Neji believes that a person who begins to fail – like Lee and Hinata, will remain a failure for the rest of their lives. Hinata and Lee try hard to prove that opinion wrong.

Lee just focused on developing his taijutsu so that he wouldn’t have to rely on ninjutsu or genjutsu. His taijutsu skills make him one of the strongest ninjas to compete in the Chunin exams.

Lee has proven that he can be an excellent ninja even though he was born with no talent. Hinata pushes herself to become stronger and develop her confidence. She doesn’t give up when fighting Neji, proving that she can overcome her shy personality.

Both Hinata and Lee have special people to them

Another common trait Hyuga Hinata and Lee have is that they both admire someone very much. Both characters have a special someone they admire and try to imitate in some way. Hinata has been inspired by Naruto’s determination and confidence since she was a child.

She uses Naruto as a model for how to act in the shinobi world. Naruto’s thought of earning acceptance and pride spurred her to improve herself and become a stronger ninja. Hinata even adopted Naruto’s shinobi that never gave up.

Lee has a similar relationship with Might Guy. Lee aspires to be more like Might Guy in every way. He dresses, fights, and talks exactly like Might Guy.

Lee always tries to impress his teacher with taijutsu and shinobi ethics. Guy’s dream of proving that he could become a successful ninja without resorting to ninjutsu or genjutsu also became Lee’s dream.

And like Hyuga Hinata, Lee adopted the same philosophy as the person he admired. Lee wants to show that hard work beats natural talent.

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