Boruto: Why isn’t there anyone in the old generation as captain?


Why isn’t there any character from the old generation as the captain of a team of Genins in Boruto now?

The old generation including Naruto are now adults in Boruto. But the question is, why aren’t they currently the captain of an all-Genin team?

There is an exception for one of Naruto’s friends, who became the captain, that is Sai, he was on team 25 in Boruto’s era. But Sai is not Naruto’s classmate at the ninja academy.

Why is that? Here are some theories!

1. Not everyone becomes a Jonin


This is not a theory but a fact. In the older generation, not all characters became a Jonin.

It is known that in order to be the captain of a team full of Genin, you must at least become a Jonin. So far, the friends known to have been Naruto’s Jonin are only Shikamaru, Temari, Rock Lee, Sakura and Neji (but dead).

And right now, no one has been officially appointed to lead a team all Genin.

2. Due to a better job

Most of Naruto’s friends now have pretty good jobs. One of the Jonin with such a job is Shikamaru, as he became the advisor of the Seventh Hokage.

Due to a better job
Due to a better job

Meanwhile, other characters also have pretty good jobs and their jobs are not dangerous, for example, working at Konoha’s hospital, housewife, or in the case of Rock Lee, he is presented as a Jonin ready to go on a mission.

3. Because I have a family

As everyone knows, some of the Jonin captains are unmarried or unmarried. Maybe because the mission is dangerous and life-threatening, many people now become Jonin but do not want to be the captain.

rock lee

Because they have families waiting at home, they prioritize jobs that are considered safe. If they don’t choose, perhaps Naruto as Hokage will decide.

4. Actually, there may be a captain but we don’t know?

This is also one of the possibilities. In fact, there may be someone who is the captain of a team full of Genin, but it is not seen.

Because I have a family

In Naruto Shippuden, Shino can be a captain since he has taught three ninjas. I don’t know if that scene is considered a side story or not.

In addition, Rock Lee may also have been the captain of the all-Genin team before Boruto’s time. So, in your opinion, why hasn’t anyone from the older generation become captain?