Boruto vs. Kawaki: Whose ability and strength is greater?

Boruto vs. Kawaki: Whose ability and strength is greater?

Boruto v.s Kawaki is described as a continuation of the relationship between Naruto and Sasuke in the next generation. What are Naruto’s two “sons” like? How will the confrontation between Boruto – Kawaki continue? Find out in the following article!

1. Who is Boruto?

1.1 Boruto’s biography

Boruto Uzumaki is a Ninja of the Uzumaki clan of Konoha, and heir to the Hyuga clan through his mother, Hyuga Hinata. He was initially very upset with his father, Naruto Uzumaki, because he had always left home since becoming Hokage.

But then, he learned to respect his father and his obligations. Boruto aspires to become a Ninja like his teacher Sasuke Uchiha.

Boruto vs. Kawaki: Whose ability and strength is greater?
Boruto possesses the power of the two strongest bloodlines in the Ninja world

1.2 How strong is Boruto?

With two strong bloodlines, Boruto is a Ninja prodigy. He just needed to work hard for a short period of time to be able to accomplish anything.

Inheriting the genius of his grandfather and the unpredictable strength of his father, he achieved the highest score in his class in the Genin exams. Boruto was also rated higher than his generation with Chunin level strength.

As a Genin, Boruto is considered an elite warrior, possessing outstanding abilities in all areas of combat. He has proven his strength by defeating formidable opponents such as Momoshiki, Urashiki and the members of Kara. His abilities are also considered a threat to the Otsutsuki clan.

2. Who is Kawaki?

2.1 Kawaki’s biography

Kawaki in Boruto is a child raised by Kara to become the future vessel for Isshiki Otsutsuki and the key to the fulfillment of their greatest wish.

After being taken to Konoha by Team 7, he was adopted by Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto considers him as his own son. Boruto x Kawaki have a close brotherly relationship, and together they solve the mystery of the Karma seal. After passing a series of tests, Kawaki was accepted as the Genin of Konoha.

In Boruto, the episode Kawaki appears is chapter 1 of the manga and volume 1 of the anime.

Boruto vs. Kawaki: Whose ability and strength is greater?
Kawaki is a child adopted by Naruto

2.2 Kawaki’s Abilities

Although not a Ninja, Kawaki is still a strong warrior. As a child, he was brutally trained by Jigen in all areas of combat and was able to destroy dozens of dangerous robot puppets. Kawaki is said to become a great Ninja if he can learn how to use ninjutsu.

Kawaki’s abilities include:


Isshiki Otsutsuki imparted the Karma seal to Kawaki to make him the vessel of his future. Under Jigen’s training, Kawaki was able to activate the seal at will, although it was sometimes powerful beyond his control.

Using the Karma Seal, Kawaki will absorb the opponent’s chakra or ninjutsu and unleash devastating attacks. However, using the seal will cause Kawaii’s body to heat up and cause him to lose consciousness.

When combined with Boruto v.s Kawaki’s Karma seal, a dimensional crack is created, and they can enter different dimensions.

Body Transformation

Kawaki’s body has undergone many improvements by Amado. His circulatory and nervous systems were constantly changing, turning his body into a powerful scientific instrument. Katasuke Tono stated that Kawaki was transformed using inorganic technology, unlike Mitsuki who was transformed using organic technology. Artificial Ninja tools implanted throughout Kawaki’s body can effect changes at the cellular level, giving him superhuman abilities with powers similar to Kekkei genkai.

Boruto vs. Kawaki: Whose ability and strength is greater?
Kawaki has amazing physical strength

Physical strength

Kawaki specializes in close combat. His body is very agile, has a high degree of coordination, allowing him to easily dodge the opponent’s attacks and counterattack quickly. Kawaki can launch a series of kicks when approaching the opponent.

His resistance is also very strong. Despite losing most of his strength, Kawaki was still able to endure the blows of his opponent and continue fighting.


After living in Konoha and becoming interested in ninjutsu, Kawaki learned it from Naruto. He has shown outstanding talent in chakra control and dart throwing. At the same time, he was also able to master basic techniques in a short amount of time.

Kawaki can perform advanced techniques such as Fire Release, Shadow Clone Technique with just one hand seal. He follows Otsutsuki’s instincts to conceal his signature Chakra.

3. The relationship between Boruto vs. Kawaki

Boruto is Naruto’s biological son and Kawaki is the adopted son. Even so, Naruto still treated Kawaki like a member of the family.

Kawai eventually becomes an important member of the Uzumaki family, but he still doesn’t seem to have escaped the ghost of his past. As a child, he was tortured by his biological father, then his adoptive father turned him into a vessel for Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Battles between Boruto vs. Kawaki in the arc. Confronting Kara (anime episodes 188-205) and arc. Otsutsuki Awakens (anime episodes 206 – 220),… reflects the battle between Naruto and Sasuke in several ways.

The first is a battle between people who are both longtime friends and competitors. Second, the battle between them will resolve the longstanding tensions in the relationship. In Naruto, it is the battle to determine who is the best Ninja.

In Boruto, it is the battle to determine whether Momoshiki or Isshiki (via Boruto and Kawaki’s two vessels) is the real and future leader of the Otsutsuki clan. In the end, just like in the Naruto-Sasuke match, the battle between Boruto vs. Kawaki will likely affect the survival of the world.

Boruto vs. Kawaki: Whose ability and strength is greater?
Boruto and Kawaki are both brothers and rivals

4. Boruto v.s Kawaki: Who will win the confrontation?

As Naruto’s biological son, Boruto has the ability to surpass other Ninjas. He has developed many amazing techniques that allow him to adapt to any situation and become stronger using the Karma seal.

Boruto is capable of dealing with many high-class enemies and has the ability to surpass his father in the future. Even so, Kawaki was still an extremely difficult opponent for him.

Kawaki has the power to be upgraded many times thanks to science and technology. He can use the Karma seal at will, and he also possesses many extremely advanced techniques that Jigen “implanted” into his body.

Boruto vs. Kawaki: Whose ability and strength is greater?
Boruto and Kawaki are considered to be on par

Despite his young age, Kawaki can easily surpass a Jounin. Therefore, when he grows up, his strength will increase significantly, maybe even equal or stronger than Naruto in the future.

Therefore, it is difficult to determine who will win if Boruto v.s Kawaki confronts each other because both possess enormous power and potential.

The confrontation of Boruto v.s Kawaki is considered to be no less attractive than the previous generation. With somewhat equal strength, and developing many new skills, Boruto and Kawaki promise to bring viewers many beautiful and attractive ability displays.
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