Boruto: 10 Questions About Kawaki

Kawaki facts

From the very beginning of Boruto: Next Generations, readers have been drawn into the enigmatic and captivating world of Konoha and Kawaki is one of them.

And in it there is an equally mysterious character, let’s learn about this extremely interesting character with Naruto Universe Blog!

Dangerous stranger! Who is he?

Although it seems that Kawaki is different from the others, it is his qualities that make him suitable to be in Boruto’s ninja world.

Thanks to his upbringing, in the first introduction, he expressed suspicion towards Konoha’s Team 7 and expressed displeasure.

His appearance also attracted the curiosity of fans. The tattoo under his left eye that looks more like a symbol than a drawing, along with a sleeveless jacket embroidered with a symbol not unlike the Uchiha clan has made readers curious about his identity. In particular, he does not have any connection with other ninja clans.

Who raised Kawaki?

Kawaki facts
Who raised Kawaki?

His hairstyle is different and unique because it was inherited from his father. But Kawaki’s relationship with his father is not good.

When Jigen – the leader of the Kara organization appeared, that father sold his biological child for money – the child he had tortured for many years.

His anger increased when Jigen put on the hat of his father, who beat and treated him badly.

His life gradually becomes a test of his resilience as Jigen previously claimed the lives of at least 13 other children.

What happened to Kawaki’s face tattoo?

Becoming a member of a secret terrorist organization would certainly be very dangerous. Borrowing ideas from the Japanese yakuza tradition, Kara’s internal members all have Roman numerals on their faces and the rest of the members will have a different symbol.

The special thing on his face is that his mark is in the same place as Jigen – the leader of Kara, but his tattoo is a different number. This could be a clue to how useful he is to Kara’s plan.

Why is Kawaki Jigen’s target?

Before any information is revealed about him, Kara’s group prioritizes the search for what they call The vessel on Jigen’s orders.

The mystery behind why Jigen is interested in Kawaki is something that Koji Kashin, one of Kara’s insiders, is unable to investigate on his own. It turns out that his plight is the reason Jigen believes he is so valuable.

Experiencing a lonely childhood, being abused, abused and sold by her own father, these are the reasons why Jigen thinks he will be the perfect object to carry out the plan.

What powers does Kawaki have?

Kawaki facts
What powers does Kawaki have?

From the bad parenting of his father, Jigen believed in his toughness, so he passed on the Karma seal to him after many failed attempts with other children.

At the peak of his power, every cell in his body was changed using advanced technology developed by Amad, a scientist of Kara. This biotechnology allows him to turn his limbs into weapons at will.

It was proven when Konahamaru’s Team 7 found him, he caused an explosion that was incredibly destructive and that didn’t affect himself.

Why is Kawaki running away?

With all that the Kara organization has given him such as teleportation and a superior technology with terrifying powers feared by anyone who hears Kara’s name, it looks like Team Kawaki has won the battle. win.

So why did he leave? Despite having Jigen and Kara’s technology to make himself stronger, he describes his life in the organization as hell and he is willing to give up sealing Karma and all that is associated with it.

Why is Naruto treating Kawaki like that?

As we all know, he did not have a good childhood. And after being bought by Jigen, his life was no longer comfortable, even with infinite power injected into his body.

As Konoha’s Jinchuriki, Naruto understood his pain and sympathized with and healed his wounds, just as the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and the others did.

He was skeptical at first but eventually found an opportunity to let go of his powers and become useful to the community.

Is Kawaki reliable?

Kawaki facts
Is Kawaki reliable?

He grew up harder than many people, even more pitiful than Shinobi. But through his efforts to change himself and sacrifice his right hand to protect Naruto and Himawari, he has proven that he also has a heart.

Although he has the trust of Naruto’s family, not all Konoha are convinced by Kawaki’s trustworthiness. Shikamaru, the most scheming person in Konoha, expressed his suspicions and said that he could still be Kara’s spy.

After that, what does he do?

Disagreeing with the team of Konohamaru or Garo – a member of Kara, hehad his own goals. Realizing that escaping from Naruto was impossible, he continued to calm down and focused his attention on Boruto’s Karma seal.

He doesn’t seem to know how to use his powers well. But when he noticed the connection, he immediately knew there would be many mysteries about the mark and its origin, so he began to work hard to find and uncover the mystery.

Is there any reason not to trust him?

Kawaki facts
Is there any reason not to trust Kawaki?

During a meeting, he reminded Boruto of learning how to control the power of Karma.

Until his power was controlled, Boruto could only activate the seal with the blade of his spear and only those around him knew about it including the sly, chakra-stealing Otsutsuki clan, Jigen and Kawaki.

He is able to activate Boruto’s mark, and even use the Karma absorption technique with incredible ease. How is it that intrusive connectivity doesn’t cause trouble, especially regarding the origins of the Karma seal and Otsutsuki’s plans for Earth?

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