15 things you may not know about Uchiha Itachi

15 things you may not know about Uchiha Itachi

It can be said that Uchiha Itachi is one of the most loved characters in the Naruto series.

Starting off as a villain, with a reputation for murdering the whole family and betraying Konoha, it was not until the end of the movie that Itachi’s sacrifice was revealed. If you are a loyal fan of Naruto in general and Uchiha Itachi in particular, you cannot ignore this article.

Let’s learn about interesting facts about Itachi that you may not know in the following article.

1. Identity of Itachi’s lover

Before it was revealed, many fans thought that Itachi Uchiha had a secret love for Shisui Uchiha – one of his closest friends in the family. However, that was not Itachi’s true love. So who is Uchiha Itachi’s true lover?

It was Izumi Uchiha – another member of the clan who also had feelings for Itachi. She was also the first person Itachi personally killed in the family. To make up for the mistake, after killing her, Itachi sent her to an infinity illusion to give her a happy, dreamlike life with him.

15 things you may not know about Uchiha Itachi
The portrait of the person Itachi had a crush on

2. Itachi is author Kishimoto’s favorite member of Akatsuki

After Orochimaru, Akatsuki is the main antagonist group throughout the first part of the Naruto series. Akatsuki’s original goal was to create a super weapon that would allow them to take over the world by collecting all nine Tailed Beasts.

When debuting, Akatsuki members quickly became loved by many fans thanks to their beautiful visuals and strong fighting ability. Among them, Itachi is the most favorite member of the author.

From the very beginning, Kishimoto wanted to create villains whose plots were as rich and detailed as that of the main characters. That may be why he liked Itachi so much, as the details of Itachi’s life became one of the most important plot points of the series.

3. Itachi can seal with only one hand

In Naruto, there are many ways to use seals to perform ninjutsu. However, only a few people have the ability to seal with only one hand, and Uchiha Itachi is one of the seven characters to do so.

It gives the user the ability to perform two attacks at once or wield a weapon while creating a seal. We first see Itachi display this ability in his fight against Kakashi in Konoha. Itachi can perform ninjutsu while holding the shuriken in his other hand.

15 things you may not know about Uchiha Itachi
Konoha genius possesses the rare ability to seal with one hand

4. Itachi is the second best student ever of the ninja academy

The light novel “Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light” revealed that the Fourth Hokage was the highest-scoring student in the history of Konoha Ninja Academy, and Itachi was the second-highest achiever, just behind Minato. .

5. Uchiha Itachi is the one with the highest strength in Naruto (along with Jiraiya)

When a manga series becomes popular in Japan, a data book with all the information about the characters in the series is also released. In it, the stats of the characters are also revealed.

Among the characters, Uchiha Itachi is tied with the highest stats of all the data books, along with Jiraiya. This makes sense, since Jiraiya is one of the few opponents that can make Itachi really hard to face in battle.

6. Itachi’s hobby is enjoying traditional Japanese coffee

Despite being a strong and serious ninja, this cool-faced Itachi also has hobbies outside of his work. One of those hobbies is enjoying the quiet and relaxation. He loves to try traditional Japanese cafes. Whether Itachi will bring the members of Akatsuki with him remains an open question.

7. Itachi also had a childhood rival like a younger brother

Like his younger brother Sasuke, itachi Uchiha used to have a competitor during his training period. That was Tenma Izumo, Itachi’s original genin teammate.

Tenma Izumo’s parents said that the Uchiha clan was the reason why the Nine-Tails attacked the city. Because of that, Tenma bullied Itachi out of hatred. After that, the two became teammates and rivals.

During a mission to escort the Lord of the Fire Nation, Itachi’s team was confronted by Tobi’s onslaught. During the same fight, Tobi took Tenma’s life and caused Itachi’s Sharingan eyes to activate for the first time.

15 things you may not know about Uchiha Itachi
Itachi Sharingan is activated upon witnessing Tobi taking Tenma’s life

8. Itachi’s Favorite Food

Like many other characters in Naruto, Itachi also has his special favorite food which is cabbage and rice balls with seaweed leaves.

Even though you don’t like to eat meat, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Itachi likes “eat clean”! He loves sweets, especially dango – a traditional Japanese cake made from rice flour, molded into colorful balls and skewered into sticks.

9. Itachi has a strong obsession with eggs

An OVA titled Sunny Side Battle! About Itachi was released when the popular game Naruto Shipp┼źden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolutionn was released. In this OVA, he is no longer the cool guy we usually see.

The audience will see a very different image of Itachi, extremely dedicated and serious when trying to create perfect omelets without any eggshells. Itachi used hundreds of eggs to practice and even forbade Sasuke to touch them until he achieved perfect results. The special thing is that the eggs used by Itachi also have a sharingan, strange isn’t it!

This event took place not during the brothers’ childhood, but when Itachi had joined the Akatsuki. The scene of the event is their house in Konoha.

15 things you may not know about Uchiha Itachi
Itachi is so cool but there are times when he’s cute like this

10. Itachi graduated from the ninja academy after only 1 year

Itachi is a child prodigy and has the ability to learn and absorb extremely quickly. Itachi didn’t waste any time, he always focused 100% of his energy on acquiring new skills or learning world history.

Thanks to that, Itachi achieved many remarkable achievements at a very young age, such as: graduating from the academy at the age of 7, mastering the Sharingan at the age of eight, passing the Chuunin Exam at the age of ten, half a year later. joined the ANBU and became the captain of the ANBU at the age of thirteen.

11. Itachi’s first comrade in Akatsuki wasn’t Kisame

Uchiha Itachi first appeared while accompanying Kisame, his comrade in the Akatsuki organization. Although the two work well together like they have worked together for a long time, it is surprising that Kisame is not Itachi’s first teammate.

Before Kisame, he worked with Juzo Biwa, a member of the Seven Swords of the Mist, who used to possess the sword that later belonged to Zabuza.

Juzo and Itachi’s final joint mission is to go to the Water Country. During that mission, Juzo was finished off by the Mizukage, and since then Kisame became Itachi’s new comrade.

15 things you may not know about Uchiha Itachi
Juzo Biwa was the first to accompany Itachi in Akatsuki

12. Uchiha Itachi’s Name Meaning

Itachi’s name literally translates to “squirrel”. It was not a very impressive name and befitting of a strong warrior like Itachi. However, these names may be a hint by the author that Itachi will betray his clan.

Itachi wasn’t the only member of the clan with such a name. Izuna – the ancestor of the Uchia clan also got its name from the kanji made up of “smallest weasel”.

13. Itachi actually doesn’t like fighting

Despite having extremely powerful fighting skills, deep inside Itachi’s soul is an extremely peace-loving person. All he did was in exchange for a peaceful future for his homeland and his younger brother.

15 things you may not know about Uchiha Itachi
Itachi’s sacrifice for Sasuke made many viewers cry without tears

14. Itachi’s original character design was far from the present

Masashi Kishimoto‘s original idea for Itachi was quite different from the version of the character that appeared in the series. At first, Itachi was supposed to lead a group of more than 70 people known as the Itachi Squad, who carried out secret missions very similar to those for which Root was responsible in the movies. Furthermore, Itachi’s chin is decorated with an X-shaped scar.

These traits were eventually redesigned for Danzo, the leader of Root, who forced Itachi to destroy the Uchiha clan.

15. Uchiha Itachi appeared in a total of 39 Naruto episodes

In Naruto, the episodes where Itachi appeared include:

  • Episode 46 | Episode 47 | Episode 48 | Episode 49
  • Episode 84 | Episode 85
  • Episode 107
  • Episode 129
  • Episode 131

In Naruto Shippuden, Itachi appeared quite a lot, specifically in the following episodes:

  • Episodes 13-15
  • Episode 121 | Episode 122
  • Episode 134 | Episode 135 | Episode 136 | Episode 137 | Episode 138 | Episode 139 | Episode 140 | Episode 141
  • Episode 152
  • Episode 209
  • Episode 259
  • Episode 298 | Episode 299
  • Episode 333 | Episode 334
  • Episode 338 | Episode 339|Episode 357
  • Episode 451 | Episode 452 | Episode 453 | Episode 454 | Episode 455 | Episode 456 | Episode 457 | Episode 458

Above are the top extremely interesting facts about Uchiha Itachi – the greatest brother in the entire Naruto series. In addition to his remarkable strength and boundless sacrifice for his younger brother, Itachi also scored a strong point in the hearts of fans thanks to his calm in all situations and attractive appearance. Let’s watch all the super good Naruto anime at Naruto Universe!