10 Jutsu with the best design


There are many ninjutsu introduced throughout the Naruto Anime series. Certain ninjutsu becomes specific to each character. However, not all jutsu are created equal.

There are huge gaps in both the power and effectiveness or design of ninjutsu, and there are some that don’t even make sense. Some ninjutsu have amazing visual effects or have subtle and powerful abilities;

Use jutsu that has great power but endangers the user himself. Even more than just basic tactics that, when used by the right shinobi, will succeed.

Edo Tensei allows to reunite with the deceased

If someone said that Edo Tensei – Impure Land Reincarnation has been tamed, they might be right, but this jutsu has brought so much to the series. It brought the Hokage back, and fans of the Kage saw their power once more.

At the same time, some shinobi idolized the First Hokage also had the opportunity to meet. Furthermore, when Edo Tensei added to the story.

Naruto gets to meet his father, and many other ninjas get to see their friends and teammates from the past.

Shadow Binding Technique highlights the shinobi’s mindset

Shadow Binding Technique highlights the shinobi’s mindset

Shadow Binding doesn’t have any flashy visuals, top-notch power effects, or flashy flair. It is simply the manipulation of the ball and there is a limited distance that the ball can travel.

However, when used by characters like Nara Shikamaru, this jutsu is one of the most fun to watch. To use Shadow Binding, the caster must be intelligent.

Ball handling can be complicated considering all the limitations involved. On top of that, the user has to make moves like what he wants the other ninjas to do.

Watching Shikamaru use his tactical prowess to make the most of this jutsu has always been a highlight of the anime.

Summoning Art makes Anime more delicate

summoned beasts
Summoning Art makes Anime more delicate

The Toad Sage, Jiraiya, will lose some of his power without the Summoning Technique. Jiraiya taught Naruto Uzumaki how to summon Gamabunta, and Naruto was able to summon him during his battle with Gaara, fans were excited.

Then, the relationship between Orochimaru and Manda also provides a bit of world-building fun. The relationship between the legendary Sanin and Team 7 is made so well in part thanks to Summoning.

It offers style and sophistication as well as examines the connections between shinobi lineages. Other notable summons are Kakashi’s ninja hound and the Third Hokage’s King Enma.

Tsukuyomi with overwhelming strength

Tsukuyomi is an extremely powerful genjutsu named after the moon god in Shinto (Japanese religion), and it can only be used by those with an advanced Sharingan.

Itachi Uchiha introduced this jutsu to the series when he used it on Kakashi. In Tsukuyomi’s world, Kakashi was tortured for three days, but in the real world, only seconds had passed.

The possibilities of illusion for Tsukuyomi are nearly limitless, and the frames included to illustrate its power are dark and well-formed.

The Creation Art of Reincarnation creates a highlight for Tsunade and Sakura

A healing ninja can never fall. This is a basic rule for healing shinobi. They have to get up when others fall so that people don’t die.

There is a jutsu that can guarantee a ninja will not die, and that is from the Legend of Sanin – Tsunade, Creation Rebirth.

The power of this jutsu is that the user can miraculously regenerate wounds by accelerating cell division. This ninjutsu is often considered the greatest feat of medical ninjutsu.

Rasen-Shuriken is a trademark of Naruto

Rasen-Shuriken is a variation of Naruto Uzumaki’s creation based on his father’s original ninjutsu. It takes the form of a Rasengan, a simple orb, and generates an enormous wind and chakra-powered shuriken.

Not only is this interesting because it showcases Naruto’s abilities (he’s notoriously bad at studying) and it also goes back to Sasuke’s shuriken that he used during his training sessions with Naruto. Rasen-Shuriken is considered one of the most powerful Wind Release techniques.

Strongest taijutsu – Eight Gates Release Armor

Strongest taijutsu – Eight Gates Release Armor

Taijutsu users have only one trump card, and that is the Armored Eight Gates. Each Gate in the Eight Gates gives a different boost, but also has a different limit.

And at the final gate – Zimen it gives the user of the Eight Gates Unarmed Armor a tremendous power, as seen in the fight between Might Guy and Madara at the end of the series.

Because the Eight Gates of Armor is so risky to use, when a ninja uses it, fans can be sure that something magical will happen. Even the first Gate leads to some interesting battles, like the iconic battle between Rock Lee and Gaara during the Chunin Exams.

Demon Corpse Wind End is the ninjutsu that claimed the lives of 2 Hokage

Dead Demon Wind End is one of the sealing ninjutsu created by the Uzumaki clan that has reached legendary status. It killed the Fourth and Third Hokage, and its image was terrifying.

A Shinigami (god of death) holds the user’s soul in his hand and will take the soul of the user and target.

The visual design of Thi Devil Phong End is not only attractive, but its disadvantages also create high odds that make viewers stand still. When the Third Hokage had to seal Orochimaru’s hand instead of his soul, fans were furious, but it was difficult.

Orochimaru’s Rebirth Technique gives chills to the user

When Orochimaru appeared in the Chunin Exams and showed off his snake-like body for the first time in a battle, the audience shivered.

As the anime progresses, fans get to see Orochimaru, who is covered in snake slime, crawling out of the snake’s mouth like a snake molting.

No other character is as creepy as Orochimaru, and that’s what makes him such a great villain. His half-snake form still lives on as cursed images in many fans’ minds.

Chidori is one of Kakashi’s shinobi ninjutsu

Chidori is one of Kakashi’s shinobi ninjutsu

When Kakashi Hatake taught Sasuke Uchiha the Chidori technique just before the Chunin Exams, fans were blown away when they saw Sasuke using it against Gaara and his formidable sand defense.

That ninjutsu is called Chidori because it sounds like the song of a thousand birds, something the sound production team did very well.

Chidori was a jutsu that wasn’t difficult for Sasuke to use, the fact that its imperfect nature changed the Rasengan, and its downside, used a lot of Chakra.

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